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Milliken links up with Makersite

AI-enabled life cycle analysis system creates digital twins of products and supply chains.

6th June 2024

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Munich

Clothing/​Footwear, Industrial

Milliken & Company is elevating its commitment to sustainable product design through a strategic partnership with Makersite, an AI-enabled product lifecycle intelligence software developer based in Munich and known for its comprehensive approach to managing product sustainability, costs and compliance in real-time.

Milliken will leverage Makersite’s AI-enabled life cycle analysis (LCA) to inform product design and sourcing across its textile and chemical businesses.

Like many organisations, Milliken seeks to balance escalating regulatory demands with customer expectations for detailed environmental information at the product level. Makersite’s comprehensive tools will help the company expand its capacity to make data-driven product decisions.

“Partnering with Makersite is another example of how we’re striving to positively impact the world around us,” said Kasel Knight, chief legal officer and head of sustainability at Milliken. “We will now have near real-time sustainability data to inform our product design and enable faster sourcing decisions for our customers.”

The collaboration with Makersite enables the incorporation of LCA principles into the new product development process.

“By consolidating Milliken’s internal product data with external supply chain databases that detail the cradle-to-grave carbon footprint of each component into Makersite’s unified platform, Milliken will be able to expedite decision-making processes for its product portfolio,” said Neil D’Souza, CEO and founder of Makersite.

Makersite combines the product and supply chain data of companies, held within multiple systems, with its own data foundation made up of 140 material, process and supplier databases to create a digital twin of products and supply chains, allowing teams to collaborate more effectively to design, source and manufacture better products. Its customers already include Microsoft, Schaeffler, Cummins and Vestas.

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