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Monomaterial trunk trim meets new industry needs

Contributing to the automotive industry’s transition to a circular economy.

2nd July 2024

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Winterthur, Switzerland

Transport/​Aerospace, Sustainable

The latest addition to Autoneum’s growing portfolio of sustainable monomaterial products is a trunk side trim made entirely from polyester, based on the existing Pure technology, Propylat PET.

The component demonstrates an advanced environmental performance in terms of its recycled content, waste-free manufacturing and end-of-life recyclability. In addition, it is characterised by material stiffness, geometrical adaptability and appealing aesthetics.

New regulations such as the revised End-of-Life Vehicles Directive in Europe are accelerating the automotive industry’s transition from a linear to a circular economy. In this context, the recyclability of vehicles at the end of their service life is becoming increasingly important. This in turn raises the demand for automotive components that have a good environmental performance across the product life cycle and at the same time meet the highest standards of material quality and technical performance. Autoneum’s new 100% polyester trunk side trim helps customers achieve sustainability targets while offering optimum durability, design flexibility and aesthetics.

As with Autoneum’s monomaterial carpet systems, the new 100% polyester trunk side trim is fully recyclable. Production cut-offs can be reclaimed, processed and reused, ensuring a closed material loop in manufacturing. Its recycled fibres can also be granulated and spun into new fibres. The carrier material is based on the lightweight Propylat PET and contains at least 50% recycled fibres. It is also available under the Autoneum Blue sustainability label which proves it features at least 30% recycled PET that was collected from coastal areas, making a contribution to preventing plastic pollution in the oceans.

The concept can also be applied to tailgate and other trunk trim for components that are lightweight and sound-absorbing, contributing to the attenuation of tyre and rear e-motor noise. In addition, geometry can be tailored to individual customer needs while the textile surface improves the overall aesthetic of the parts and at the same time offers a high resistance to scratches.

The new polyester trunk trim is available in Europe, North America and China.

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