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Myant announces textile computing collaboration with Mayo Clinic

Myant has announced a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to bring Mayo’s algorithms for heart monitoring to Myant’s SKIIN Textile Computing platform.

27th September 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  New York, NY


Myant CEO Tony Chahine. © MyantMyant, a leader in the design, development, and production of ‘textile computing’ products, has announced the launch of a strategic collaboration with Mayo Clinic to bring Mayo’s patented algorithms for heart monitoring and arrhythmia detection to Myant’s SKIIN Textile Computing platform.

The agreement gives Myant an exclusive licence to Mayo Clinic’s proprietary heart monitoring and arrhythmia detection technology for use in smart clothing projects. Myant’s SKIIN smart underwear will be released in early 2019 pending FDA clearance and Health Canada approval.

The collaboration aims to bring comfort and confidence to people who are at risk of developing Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). Early detection and lifestyle management can prevent AFib from leading to stroke or heart failure. The partnership aims to give patients and doctors the ability to proactively monitor heart activity 24/7 using clothing to help detect the presence of AFib and normal or abnormal heart rhythm.

Access to important information

Talking to Innovation in Textiles in New York this morning, Myant CEO Tony Chahine said: “I am so thrilled to announce a game-changing partnership with Mayo Clinic, the most esteemed hospital in the United States and the pinnacle for global health care. This collaboration is not only exciting for our companies, but it is a massive step forward for the democratisation of healthcare.”

“One if four Americans suffer from Atrial Fibrillation and arrhythmia related heart conditions. Recognising early signs will reduce significant long-lasting damage to the afflicted person.”

“Our partnership with Mayo will provide people with the option of being continuously monitored remotely anywhere, anytime. This will also allow clinicians access to important information and early intervention for asymptomatic patients. This is the beginning of a new future for healthcare where people will proactively manage their health, stay connected and lead healthier and more confident lives.”

Sensing technologies

“Our collaboration with Myant has the potential to help people access Mayo Clinic healthcare expertise regardless of where they live, and to help those at risk of heart arrhythmias proactively understand and address issues related to their health,” said Paul Friedman, MD, Chair of the Department of Cardiovascular Medicine at Mayo Clinic, and an expert in electrophysiology.

Myant’s SKIIN Textile Computing platform integrates technology into the fabrics that surround us every day. Whether in the form of clothing, car seats, mattresses, diapers or other everyday products, SKIIN products consolidate a number of wearable devices into one common platform to provide users with continuous access to their body’s data – ranging from heart rate, activity metrics and skin temperature to medication tracking and sleep quality. SKIIN can both sense and respond with targeted therapy and personalised guidance as needed.

Last year, Stoll and Myant announced a strategic collaboration that they say will “populate functional computing textile manufacturing in Canada and the US, with 500 state-of-the-art knitting machines from Stoll”. © Myant

The first generation of SKIIN smart underwear includes the following sensing technologies: Electrocardiogram ECG (Heart rate, HRV), Sinus Rhythm (AFib vs Normal), Activity (steps, calories, activity recognition – walking, running, sitting/standing), Sleep (sleep stages, hours slept), Stress Level, and Temperature.

Future developments include the addition of slip and fall detection, driver fatigue, ovulation and a suite of chemical sensing markers. The result is an intelligent garment that will transform how users proactively manage their health, stay connected and lead healthier and more confident lives.

With an extensive patent portfolio, a talented, multidisciplinary team of data scientists, biomechanical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, programmers, fashion designers and knitting machine technicians, and over 80,000 square feet of advanced manufacturing capacity, Toronto-based Myant is turning everyday textiles into bidirectional mediums for human-computer interaction.

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