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7th April 2017, UK

Nanotechnology, Smart Textiles & Wearables


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A new report from Cientifica Research, Nanotechnology, Smart Textiles & Wearables, analyses the markets and technologies that are driving the shift to smart textiles. Nanotechnology, Smart Textiles & Wearables is the most up to date and comprehensive look at the sector and its 207 pages discuss over 250 companies active in the space.

The new report is the most up to date and comprehensive look at the sector and its 207 pages discuss over 250 companies active in the space. © Cientifica ResearchKey findings in the report include

  • Opportunities in smart textiles will overtake those in apparel within six years
  • Together these represent an $8bn opportunity for nano and 2 dimensional materials
  • Compound annual growth rates range from 14% in to 167% depending on the application
  • The value of nanomaterials used by the global textile industry will rise sharply driven by the additional functionality demanded by smart textiles and wearables

The past twenty years has seen the rapid introduction of nanomaterials into a wide variety of textile processes, from anti stain and wrinkle finishings to nanofibre wound care. This has opened up new markets for nanomaterials suppliers and textile producers alike. While some of these products have been on the market since the early 2000’s, for example Nano-Tex coatings, others such as conducting coatings for fibres or graphene coatings for nonwovens are only just emerging.

Cientifica has been monitoring nanotechnology and smart textiles for over a decade and the report ranges from the latest advances in wearables to the use of nanofibers in dust and water filtration.

Key sections include:

Smart Textiles, Wearable Technologies and the 4th Industrial Revolution; looking at how textiles and computing are converging and the factors driving this.

Markets; analyzing the global market for nanotechnology and smart textiles by application area. This section looks at apparel, home textiles, medical textiles, military textiles, technical textiles and textile based wearables. It also provides figures for the nanomaterials inputs (materials, coatings, inks, masterbatches etc.) required for each application.

Nanotechnology and Graphene In Textiles; examining why these materials are being used in textiles and what advantages they confer.

Applications; giving detailed description of current and proposed applications of nanotechnology by sector and covers Clothing and Apparel, Sports and Wellbeing, Energy Storage and Generation, Energy Harvesting, Fashion, Entertainment, Personal Protection, Military Textiles., Home Textiles, Medical Textile and Technical textiles.

Key Technologies; explaining key components such as strain sensors, conductive fibers and photochromic textiles, along with examples of the types and application of each technology.

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‘Nanotechnology, Smart Textiles & Wearables’

Publisher: Cientifica Research

208 pages

Price: GBP 2395 / USD 3195

Published February 2017

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