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Nerazzurri day held at RadiciGroup

A Nerazzurri day was held at the RadiciGroup parent company headquarters, where an Atalanta pop-up store was set up for Group employees.

13th December 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Bergamo


On this occasion, the Atalanta football club was represented by some of its youth team players, as the first team was in Genoa for an Italian football league game.

“Together with Atalanta, we have challenged Apollon, Lione and Everton on the football pitch, which has given us further market visibility in France and England, two strategic markets in terms of Group sales. The round of 32 draw has matched us up with Borussia Dortmund, and I’m sure that the Nerazzurri will make a good showing on this occasion, too,” commented Angelo Radici, president of the Group. “In Germany, we have production and sales units in the chemicals, plastics and synthetic fibres sectors; Germany is our second leading market after Italy, with sales of about EUR 200 million.”

Visibility in Europe

The Atalanta sponsorship gives RadiciGroup wide visibility in Europe, where 85% of Group production is based, and meets two objectives: firstly, to draw attention to Bergamo, where the Group was founded and where 1,200 employees work today; and, secondly, to highlight the numerous materials manufactured by RadiciGroup with applications in the sports industry.

RadiciGroup boasts a 75-year-long tradition in the textiles business and, today, is the second-ranking European producer of polyamide (210,000 tonnes per year) and polyester (24,000 tonnes per year), which are two of the synthetic products most widely used worldwide for a variety of applications, including automotive, apparel (technical and sportswear, in particular), furnishings and other industrial uses.


In the football world, RadiciGroup nylon yarn is mainly used for player intimate wear and socks, while polyester yarn is used for shorts and the outer jersey layer. Turning to plastics for the sports industry, the engineering plastics made by RadiciGroup are utilised for stadium seats, as well as for sport accessories, such as football shoes and shin guards.

RadiciGroup also produces yarn used in the manufacture of synthetic turf pitches. Overall, the Group’s product offering for the football world is among the most complete and sustainable in Europe. RadiciGroup is a sole-source supplier, with its roots in Bergamo but operating internationally

RadiciGroup production sites in Europe include nine sites in Italy, three in Germany, and one in the Czech Republic, Romania, Switzerland, Hungary, and the Netherlands.

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