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Net loss for Autoneum on rising revenues

In 2019, Autoneum grew organically by 2.5% and thereby significantly outperformed the declining market

4th March 2020

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Winterthur


In 2019, Autoneum grew organically by 2.5% and has thereby significantly outperformed the declining market. In Swiss francs, revenue rose slightly to CHF 2 297.4 million. However, operational inefficiencies in North America and impairments on fixed assets in that region had a particularly strong impact on profitability and led to a net loss of CHF –77.7 million. The Board of Directors therefore proposed that no dividend be distributed for the 2019 financial year. Based on the new turnaround program launched in North America at the beginning of this year, significant profitability increases are expected for 2020.

“2019 was an extremely challenging year for the automobile industry,” Autoneum said in a statement today. “The continuing weakness of the global economy, ongoing trade disputes and the increasing regulation of mobility impacted vehicle demand negatively.”

“But 2019 was also a year of change for Autoneum internally,” the company said. “An in-depth analysis carried out by the new Group Management in the fall showed a need to re-evaluate the Group’s performance over the short to medium-term. In Business Group North America, the operational and commercial problems have proven more extensive than originally assumed. As a result, the turnaround program launched in spring 2019 was replaced at the beginning of 2020 with a dedicated and far more comprehensive program for the North American sites.”

Read more about Autoneum’s 2019 results as well as its Annual Report 2019

Committed to the mobility of the future

In 2019, Autoneum again launched various innovative components that help automobile manufacturers to produce quieter, lighter and more environmentally friendly vehicles. The multifunctional, lightweight components are suitable for vehicles with all types of drives.

Wheelhouse Outer Liner. © Autoneum.Wheelhouse Outer Liner. © Autoneum.

“This is a great advantage for car manufacturers in both pre-development as well as series production of models and makes Autoneum a sought-after supplier of acoustic and thermal management solutions,” the company said.

“With battery undercovers made of Ultra-Silent, the Company has adapted this textile underbody technology for use in electric vehicles for the first time. These battery undercovers act as insulators helping to reduce sound that enters the passenger cabin as well as pass-by noise. Noise-reducing components are also essential in electric models.”

“External and internal noise sources such as electric drive elements, fans and pumps are more audible in this vehicle category due to the lack of engine noise and therefore impact driving comfort. Thanks to their light weight, battery undercovers made of Ultra-Silent also help to ensure a greater driving range. In view of increasing pass-by noise regulation around the world, Autoneum now offers customers the multifunctional Alpha-Liner wheelhouse outer liner, which is highly effective in reducing tyre noise and allows noise absorption to be customized for the specific requirements of the vehicle model. Made primarily of recycled PET fibres and fully recyclable, Alpha-Liner wheelhouse outer liners are particularly environmentally friendly,” Autoneum said.

Leading the way in digitalizing acoustic management

Autoneum is setting standards for automobile noise and heat protection not only with its innovative components and technologies, but also digitally, as the first automotive supplier in the world with a configurator for the acoustic management of vehicles. The online portal Acoustic Garage ( ) is based on Autoneum’s unique simulation expertise and offers comprehensive information and product experience on all aspects of noise protection in cars. Users – whether customers or end consumers – can configure a product package to their individual needs on the basis of selected criteria such as lightweight construction, sustainability and aesthetics. In this way, Autoneum helps vehicle manufacturers, ensuring optimal acoustics in future models.

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