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NEW BOOK: Handbook of fire resistant textiles

UK based publisher Woodhead Publishing has published ‘Handbook of fire resistant textiles’, a new book on advances made in recent years in the field of fire resistant textiles.

16th April 2013

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Cambridge

Protective, Transport/​Aerospace, Clothing/​Footwear, Interiors, Construction, Civil Engineering, Industrial, Agriculture


UK based publisher Woodhead Publishing has published ‘Handbook of fire resistant textiles’, a new book on advances made in recent years in the field of fire resistant textiles. The Cambridge based publisher has provided the following summary of the book:


Given their importance to consumer safety, fire resistant textiles are one of the fastest growing sectors in industrial textiles. ‘Handbook of fire resistant textiles’ provides a comprehensive review of the considerable advances that have occurred in the field of fire resistant textiles in recent years. It draws together scientific and technical expertise from around the world to produce an important source of current knowledge on fire resistant textiles and their use for protection in hostile environments.

Beginning with an overview of fire resistant textiles, opening chapters discuss burning and combustion mechanisms of textile fibres, chemical modification of natural and synthetic fibres to improve flame retardancy, multi-component flame resistant coating techniques for textiles, care and maintenance of fire resistant textiles, along with the safety, health and environmental aspects of flame retardants.

Part two covers different types of fire resistant fibres and fabrics, including flame retardant cotton, wool, ceramic fibres and blends, composites and nonwovens. Part three reviews standards, regulations, and characterization of fire resistant textiles. The final chapters include case studies of major applications of fire resistant textiles.

The Handbook of fire resistant textiles is an invaluable resource for a broad spectrum of professionals in the textiles and apparel industries, including textile and garment manufacturers, engineers, researchers, designers, developers and buyers.

About the editor

Dr. F. Selcen Kilinc has a PhD in Textile Engineering and works as a senior researcher at the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), USA in the area of personal protective clothing and equipment.

She has published extensively in such areas of fibre/polymer science as high performance materials, protective clothing, fabric comfort and modelling, characterization of fibres and fabrics, and antibacterial applications. She holds a patent in polymer implants for timed release of drugs. She is a member of ASTM International, AATCC, TAPPI, and AAMI technical committees and an area editor of the Journal of Engineered Fibers and Fabrics.

Buy this book

‘Handbook of fire resistant textiles’ (ISBN 978 0 85709 123 9) is published at £190.00/ US$325.00/ €230.00 (plus p&p) by Woodhead Publishing Limited, 80 High Street, Sawston, Cambridge, CB22 3HJ, UK.  Tel: +44(0)1223 499140.  Fax: +44(0)1223 832819.  Email: [email protected] .

Based in Cambridge, England, Woodhead Publishing is a leading international publisher of textile technology books. Click the link below for further details or to buy this book from the publisher’s website:

NEW BOOK: Handbook of fire resistant textiles


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