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New nanotube sensors at CES 2022

Patent-pending technology enables new gesture-based digital interfaces.

30th December 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Las Vegas


Somalytics is introducing two products based on its carbon-nanotube paper composite (CPC) capacitive sensors at CES 2022 – the world’s largest electronics show taking place in Las Vegas from January 5-8.

Somalytics was spun out of CoMotion at the University of Washington in November, with support from science investment firm IP Group. Its patent-pending ultra-high-sensitivity, fast-response, capacitive sensors are built using substrates filled with carbon nanotubes developed at the University of Washington.

The 1mm sensors ‘feel’ human presence, enabling the creation new of new gesture-based digital interfaces, wellness monitoring and safety applications.

At CES, Somalytics will showcase SomaControl, a 3D gesture monitor that enables everyday tasks at home to be carried out or can be integrated into gaming devices for more immersive experiences, and SomaSense, a flexible 3D sensing floor mat for exercise monitoring.

Compared to existing capacitive sensors, Somalytics says its CPCs are 100 times smaller and 10 times faster, with greater range for sensing proximity and pressure. Offering unprecedented sensitivity to human tissue, the sensors acknowledge human presence at up to 20 centimetres. They work with any skin tone or eye shape, recognise 3D gestures without the need for hand devices, and are faster and better than infrared, enabling a new generation of touchless technology applicable to almost any interaction between humans and machines.

“These new products are a great example of the kind of innovation that is possible with our new kind of capacitive sensors,” said Barbara Barclay, CEO of Somalytics. “We look forward to igniting discovery across many industries to pioneer better, faster and less-expensive applications for human computer interaction. Our devices will enable life-changing applications in assistive technology, health and wellness, industrial safety, and transportation, in addition to better experiences in consumer electronics, gaming and wearables.”


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