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13th July 2017, Beaverton, OR

Nike’s first Flyknit apparel innovation

Leading sportswear brand Nike has developed a new performance bra, based on the company’s famous Flyknit construction technology, which helps hold shape of the bra while facilitating precise zones of greater or less support and breathability. According the manufacturer, the technology enables designers to engineer every stitch for specific performance benefits. “Nike Flyknit allows us to be incredibly precise in a single layer,” said Janett Nichol, VP of Apparel Innovation, Nike.

The right sports bra can be the difference between a kickass workout and no workout at all. “It is the most important piece of apparel for the active woman – a good one enables women to play sports, and sports can give women confidence in life,” said Janett Nichol. The NikeWomen design team asked athletes about what makes a good bra.

Soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Sydney Leroux works out in the Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Bra that combines high-support performance with unmatched comfort. © Nike

The response was unanimous, with women wanting a bra that provides total support for a variety of activities and one that keeps them cool and dry without sacrificing comfort. “They also want it to look as good as it feels,” the company reports...

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