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INDA joins US manufacturing community to unite America post-election

More than 1,100 manufacturing and business leaders sign letter to President-Elect pledging respect and cooperation.

11th November 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Cary, NC

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“INDA remains committed to advancing the success of the nonwovens industry and its members, and urges all to quickly unite behind our elected officials to advance reasonable and balanced policies that enhance opportunity for all,” said Mr Rousse, the president of the Association of the Nonwovens Fabrics Industry.

Need to communicate

The letter to President-Elect Donald Trump also expressed an urgent need to communicate and work productively with the new administration and 115th Congress on key issues to reach the full economic potential of the US nation.

“Manufacturing and business leaders from across the country have pledged to rebuild trust in our democratic and economic institutions so that we can ensure our exceptional country offers abundant opportunity to all,” said Mr Timmons.

Signatures for the letter, and these important commitments from business leaders, were gathered over a period of nearly two weeks, well before the results of the election were known. The effort was initiated by Mr Timmons, Tenneco Inc. Chairman and CEO and NAM Board Chair Gregg Sherrill and Emerson Chairman and CEO and NAM Board Chair-elect David Farr.

Facing challenges

“We will look for areas upon which we agree and can work productively with your new administration. To be sure, we are aware that there will be times when we disagree on the specifics of important policies, and we will respectfully make our voices heard when we do. We do believe, however, that we can be constructive—both when we agree and when we do not—if we can all approach challenging situations in good faith, guided by an unwavering commitment to a greater purpose,” says the letter.

“The days after a hard-fought presidential election have traditionally been a time to mend the divisions in our country, with political parties and nominees moving beyond the harshness of the campaign season and putting our nation, and our democratic system, first before all else. You can count on us to help lead the way in bringing about that healing and reconciliation.”


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