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Nonwovens Network launches apprentice training programme

The organisation has teamed up with the Textile Centre of Excellence to prepare a programme that meets the needs of nonwovens companies.

27th May 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Leeds

Medical/Hygiene, Sustainable, Packaging, Industrial

The event will outline the detail of programme content, the delivery arrangements, funding and start dates for the first group. Speakers Nigel Wright, of Syngenta, and Geoff Rostron, of IFG Drake, will also be giving their views on apprentice training.


Nonwovens is fast becoming the major growth industry in textiles in the UK and whilst many companies undertake training this does not lead to any formal qualification. The Nonwovens Network has been working for some time in order to address the skills needs of the current and future workforce, and has developed a new apprentice programme, which will be launched next month.

The organisation has teamed up with the Textile Centre of Excellence to prepare a programme that meets the specific needs of nonwovens companies and that complies with the requirements for formal Government-sponsored apprenticeships, with the associated funding support and recognised qualifications.

The Diploma in Textile Nonwoven Manufacturing will be an industry-based programme to develop key competences on the job, supported with classroom-based studies to embed knowledge. The training modules have been developed based on the perceived need of companies across the nonwovens sector.

Nonwovens Network

The Network was established in 1997, jointly by the University of Leeds, Adrian Wilson, now Editor of Sustainable Nonwovens, and the British Textile Technology Group, aided financially with a grant from the European Social Fund.

The initiative was stimulated by a number of companies who were keen to develop improved mechanisms for the dissemination of knowledge, the exchange of ideas and the development of professional associations throughout the UK industry.

The Network has developed over the years into a well respected organisation with over 170 members and has held successful seminars and dinners, attended by its members, their guests and associates. The Network brings together manufacturers, researchers, suppliers, converters and product users from across the UK.

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