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Open House at Dilo

Range of innovations for enhanced nonwovens demonstrated in special tour.

13th May 2024

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Eberbach, Germany

Medical/Hygiene, Industrial

Alongside the recent Techtextil exhibition in Frankfurt, DiloGroup, the specialist in nonwoven manufacturing lines, arranged a tour of its headquarters in nearby Eberbach,

More than 80 visitors, including industrialists from South America, Africa and China, took part in the audio-guided tour through the company’s R&D and demonstration centres specially prepared by deputy CEOs Rebekka and Riccarda Dilo to highlight the company’s latest machine innovations.

These include the MicroPunch S research and demonstration line for needling light-weight products in a range of 35-160gsm for the hygiene, cosmetic and medical markets, and the Hypertex line for the production of lightweight sandwiches of reinforced nonwoven layers for needled filtration and roofing materials, as well as shoe and garment applications. With the Hypertex, a layered mesh of filament or yarn is laid inline between a base and a cover of pre-needled material at speeds up to 40 m/min.

© DiloGroup

In Technology Centres I and II, three complete nonwoven lines ran demonstrations including a seven-metre-wide needling system consisting of the VQC card, the high speed DLSC three apron layer capable of around 200 m/min infeed speed and pre-needler.

Also demonstrated was the company’s 3D-Lofter which comprises a series of individual web formers programmable to lay down additional fibre material. This can improve the CV regularity of a flock matt to feed cards or reinforce needled substrates in specific locations and also expands the patterning possibilities for needled felts, in combination with the Di-Lour process.

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