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Polyimde, basalt and recycled carbon nonwovens at JEC

New recycled carbon fibre veils and mats offer comparable properties to those manufactured with virgin fibre.

26th April 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Burneside, United Kingdom


New nonwovens for use in composites will be introduced at JEC World from May 3-5 in Paris by Technical Fibre Products (TFP), of Burneside UK.

These include lightweight polyimide and basalt veils designed for high temperature performance, as well as recycled carbon fibre nonwovens which offer a more sustainable alternative to traditional carbon veils.

The new polyimide veil is the highest temperature stable polymer veil that TFP manufactures, with a maximum service temperature of above 260°C – significantly higher than other polymers such as polyester and PPS. The material was developed as a high performance insulation material for space applications, designed to offer the temperature stability necessary to withstand missions looking at Mercury and the Sun, where spacecraft experience extreme temperatures.

The basalt veil has also been developed as a more temperature stable alternative to TFP’s standard E and  ECR glass veils. It is stable up to 850°C and retains its integrity when in contact with an open flame, making it suitable for applications requiring a fire barrier. Basalt, like glass, also has a high resistance to acid and alkali, which makes it ideal for use in corrosive environments.

In addition, TFP is also introducing a new range of recycled carbon nonwovens produced from fibres reclaimed from composites. The materials can be integrated into a composite structure as a surfacing or semi-structural layer, providing a viable route for the recycling of fibres previously considered as waste.

“The new recycled carbon fibre veils and mats offer comparable properties to those manufactured with virgin fibre, with the added benefit of sustainability,” says Adam Black, business development director at TFP. “These new materials provide the industry with the means to demonstrate environmental responsibility without compromising on performance, and have already been used by some customers to manufacture components with excellent results.”

TFP’s established Optiveil and Tecnofire nonwovens provide a wide range of solutions for composites including surface finish, improved resin flow, adhesive carriers and imparting functionality where required, such as for EMI shielding and fire protection.

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