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13th September 2017, Bergamo

RadiciGroup to present at Dornbirn-MFC

RadiciGroup will present at this week’s Dornbirn Man-made Fibers Congress, with a focus on products for industrial applications. Tomorrow, the group will be illustrating the technical characteristics of its new industrial fibres that have been developed thanks to special investments in new resources and technologies and close synergy with its Specialty Chemicals Business Area.

“RadiciGroup Specialty Chemicals has the capability and resources to engineer specialty polymers for industrial use, as well as for other applications, and provide support during the realization process – design, development, fine-tuning and industrialisation – of increasingly more customised products,” the company explains.

RadiciGroup will be illustrating the technical characteristics of its new industrial fibres. © RadiciGroup

“One of RadiciGroup’s strengths is, in fact, its vertically integrated production. This feature makes the Group the only organisation in Europe with full control over its entire production process: from polymer chemicals to the manufacture of synthetic fibres and engineering plastics, down to end-of-life recycling.”


Recently, the company has made significant investments in both R&D and production at the Group’s plant in Selbitz, Germany, for the manufacture of products in both the household and industrial abrasives sector, and the industrial felt sector.

These products sold under the dorix teck name, in combination with the already well-known Radilon staple fibre range, aim to further strengthen RadiciGroup’s presence in the nonwovens sector. The dorix teck items can be supplied in both raw and solution-dyed versions and are available in a variety of colours.

Group’s strategy

“RadiciGroup’s strategy is increasingly oriented towards optimising the internal synergies arising from within our big Group and our deep knowledge of the chemistry of materials,” commented Marco De Silvestri, marketing manager of the Comfort Fibres Business Area.

“The goal is to expand our already extensive polyamide yarn and staple fibre range and become a reliable partner in the development of high-technology products, also in the technical and industrial field. Moreover, we want to support our customers on their path to innovation, while keeping in mind the fact that they are more and more focused on product performance and the cost/benefit ratio.


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