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20th December 2016, Helsinki

Suominen awarded with Rockline Partnership Recognition

Rockline Industries, one of the largest global producers of consumer products specialising in wet wipes, has awarded Suominen with the 2016 Rockline Partnership Recognition Award for being a Best in Class Supplier and Partner. Suominen, the market leader in nonwovens for wipes, also received the Award in 2014.

In his note, Nick Santoleri, Rockline's Vice President of Manufacturing and Strategic Sourcing, emphasised that the Recognition is given for extraordinary accomplishments. Moreover, Suominen’s global approach to business was mentioned, the company reports.

Suominen and Rockline representatives at the award ceremony. © Suominen

"Suominen was nominated for its commitment to our business in a way that aligns with the Rockline RRITE Values of: Renew, Respect, Integrity, Teamwork and Excellence. Suominen has stepped up many times this past year, on both sides of the Atlantic in support of Rockline initiatives, and did so with speed, selflessness, and excellence," Nick explained.

Quality service

“Suominen is honoured to receive this award from Rockline,” said Karen Castle, Vice President, Sales Americas. “It speaks of Suominen team’s successful efforts to create Mutual Value Partnerships with key customer by delivering demonstrably superior products coupled with consumer and customer insights, excellent customer experience, and quality and service that is un-surpassed.”

Suominen manufactures nonwovens as roll goods for wipes as well as for medical and hygiene products. The end products made of Suominen’s nonwovens include wet wipes, feminine care products and swabs, for instance.

Suominen is the market leader in nonwovens for wipes and employs approximately 600 people in Europe and in the Americas.


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