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Oerlikon Neumag modifies RoTac3 tangling unit

Major technological changes to Oerlikon Neumag’s RoTac3 tangling unit produce even more efficient BCF yarn tangling

19th March 2020

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Neumünster


Even more efficient and economical – the modified RoTac3 is part of the BCF S8’s standard scope of delivery. © Oerlikon.

Major technological changes to Oerlikon Neumag’s RoTac3 tangling unit produce even more efficient BCF yarn tangling, according to the company. On the one hand, the tangling nozzle has been flow-optimized, allowing the air pressure to be lowered by approximately 10% compared to its predecessor, while maintaining the same knot strength. Additionally, the nozzle bearing arrangements have been improved. Consequently, either higher speeds or nozzle rings with greater numbers of holes can be used, generating more knots in the yarn.

“Even at high production speeds, tangling knots can be set considerably more evenly with the RoTac3 than in the case of other conventional tangling units. Frequent tangling dropouts are now a thing of the past. This ensures better yarn quality and has a positive impact on further processing. The result: the carpet has a visibly more even appearance,” Oerlikon Neumag says.

“Stable and efficient yarn production is hugely important to yarn manufacturers. Not only does the even- ness of the tangling knots make the investment interesting, so too does the energy efficiency of the RoTac3. The tangling unit requires up to 50 percent less energy for generating compressed air. Against the background of rising energy prices, this represents an excellent prerequisite for optimizing production costs.”

Oerlikon Neumag has been able to secure various retrofit contracts since the launch of the RoTac3 in 2015. And new systems are predominantly equipped with RoTac3. The RoTac3 is included in the standard scope of delivery for the newer BCF S8 system. The tangling unit is available as an option both for the single-end Sytec One system and the three-end S+ and it can also be retrofitted on request.

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