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Online database of certified Oeko-Tex suppliers

Oeko-Tex has launched a new online buyers guide to its certified companies at

28th November 2013

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Zurich

Clothing/​Footwear, Industrial

When searching for suitable suppliers and production facilities, purchasing organisations and retailers now have at their disposal an extensive network of manufacturers from around the world who can offer a range of textiles in every conceivable quality for the most diverse of fields of application. By using the Oeko-Tex Buying Guide, interested companies can access this international company network, which is in the form of an interactive database with different search filters.

Around 10,000 companies from over 90 countries and at all levels of the value-creation chain currently participate in Oeko-Tex Standard 100 product certification.

Search engine

The available selection options include the type of Oeko-Tex certification, the Oeko-Tex product class, as well as a search by world regions. It is also possible to search specifically for individual product levels and required product materials. Based on these primary search criteria, the selection can be refined using additional filters.

The product level, for example, fabrics or ready-made goods, can be further refined by the type of product searched for, like knitted fabric, woven fabric or nonwoven, and usage, such as outerwear or furnishings.

As the companies can also store additional product information and a company profile in any language in their Buying Guide entry, for example, to address specific target markets, the selection of displayed language version for the Oeko-Tex website can also be used as an additional search filter.

Clear and transparent

The information on the Oeko-Tex-certified articles is clearly shown according to the respective product level, their usage and also the material from which they are made. If the companies have stored additional information in the detail view, this provides additional transparency for the user of the Buying Guide and illustrates their global network.

The Oeko-Tex system enables manufacturers at all levels of textile processing to specifically use Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified starting materials. © Oeko-Tex

Particularly outstanding companies are also much more visible in the Online Buying Guide. For example, those with the award of ‘Oeko-Tex Company of the Month’, with a corresponding promotional logo or with the additional display of a successful STeP certification, which indicates the companies' proven focus on greater sustainability in production.

Confidence in textiles

The Oeko-Tex system enables manufacturers at all levels of textile processing to specifically use Oeko-Tex Standard 100-certified starting materials. In this way, the financial cost of their own certification of extensive, ready-made articles with very different components remains within a manageable framework.

If certification is carried out by an Oeko-Tex institute, duplicate tests can be avoided if the test samples, supplier contracts and underlying certificates for the individual components are submitted.

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