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Composites Europe to celebrate its 10th anniversary

On its 10th anniversary, the trade fair is setting new records, expecting the coming-together of 450 exhibitors from 30 nations.

12th August 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Stuttgart

Protective, Transport/​Aerospace, Sustainable, Construction, Industrial, Packaging, Civil Engineering

Composites Europe will take place from 22-24 September in Stuttgart, where it will exhibit a whole range of fibre-reinforced plastics, among which are numerous innovations in the applications of automobile construction, air and space travel, boat construction, wind energy and the construction sector.

On its 10th anniversary, the trade fair is setting new records. The coming-together of 450 exhibitors from 30 nations emphasises the international significance of Composites Europe, which has continuously performed at record levels since its inauguration. For the first time, this year Composites Europe is exhibiting across three fair halls.

The exhibition is also promoting new themes, programme highlights and premieres. In addition to automation for serial production and new light construction concepts, future themes, such as material repairs of fibre-reinforced plastic components, potential biologically based materials and of basalt fibres, are increasingly adopted.

International platform

In total, 11,000 light construction experts, from automobile construction, air travel, mechanical construction, boat construction, wind energy and the construction sector are expected to attend the Mess Stuttgart exhibition grounds, a third of which are coming from overseas.

It is clear how important the fair has become for the international composite industry by the well-booked national pavilions from Italy, the Netherlands, France, China and the USA, the partner country of Composites Europe this year, organisers report.

Lecture programme

The greatest challenge for the industry remains the development and optimisation of mass-production manufacturing and the processing of composite components. At Composites Europe, the industry shows the appropriate production and processing procedures, material innovations and current light construction projects.

Product Demonstration Area at Composites Europe in 2014. © Composites Europe

The Composites forum offers an exciting lecture programme consisting of exhibition proposals, as well as sessions dedicated to the themes Composite 4.0 at RWTH Aachen University: Innovative technologies, from fibre production to repair solutions and Composites in the application of wind energy.

Specialist areas

In the Product Demonstration Area is where the fair assembles new high-tech products and makes experienceable the existence of composites components in live demonstrations. Among the exhibitors are Evonik Industries, the Institute for Aeroplane Construction from the University of Stuttgart, Euro-RTM-Group, RH Schneidtechnik and Piekenbrink Composites.

In the specialist area, Industry meets Science — being held for the second time after its successful premiere in 2014 under the management of the Institute of Plastic Processing (Institut für Kunststoffverarbeitung (IKV)) — the most recent developments and highlights from the domains of processing technologies, design, quality assurance and repairs are demonstrated.

Bio-based Pavilion

Whether used as dashboard, in car door panels or as service cars in aeroplanes, wood and natural fibres such as cotton, flax fibres, hemp, jute and kenaf are increasingly gaining significance as biological composites, organisers report.

The highlight for Composites Europe 2015 is the 1st International Composites Congress (ICC), which takes place 21-22 September in Stuttgart. © Composites Europe

Together with the Nova Institute, Composites Europe shows how good sustainability can exist in light construction. More than 20 businesses exhibit their products at the fair, ranging from plastic materials made from meadow grass through to flax fleece and reinforced volcanic rock filaments.

1st International Composites Congress (ICC)

The highlight for Composites Europe 2015 is the 1st International Composites Congress (ICC), which takes place 21-22 September in Stuttgart. The congress replaces the previous AVK conference and in the future will be organised by the Trade Association of Composites Germany as a prelude to the fair.

The conference documents the innovations in the area of fibre-reinforced plastics. The international podium discussion at the end of the congress addresses the question, Composites – a key technology for high-income countries from the viewpoint of machinery manufacturers?

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