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EDANA launches statistics app and mobile website

In addition, EDANA has launched an additional website for mobile users that enables access to the supplier and producer search.

3rd March 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Brussels

Packaging, Industrial, Medical/Hygiene

EDANA, the leading association for the nonwovens and related industries, has launched its Statistics app on both the Android and Apple platforms, available only to member companies and their employees.

The app provides updates on the main trends in the nonwovens industry. Indicators in the feedstock, raw materials and end-use markets are analysed within the macroeconomic context.

“This new business tool aims to help members to follow market trends throughout the whole supply chain. It includes yearly, quarterly and monthly information and the list of topics will be revised according to the available figures and members’ needs,” explained Jacques Prigneaux, Market Analysis and Economic Affairs Director.

EDANA Statistics App

The EDANA Statistics App is available on App store and Google play, and also as a web page at www.edanastatapp.org with great legibility on wide-screen monitors.

In addition, EDANA has launched an additional website for mobile users. The site, accessed via www.mobile.edana.org, enables access to the supplier and producer search, information and updated resources from the EDANA conference and symposia programme and series of training courses, press releases for the latest news, and contact details for all members of the EDANA staff.

“The mobile site offers information that member companies have told us is most important to them when either travelling, or visiting their corporate partners,” said Abby Bailey, Marketing and Communications Director.

Evolution in EDANA services

“Being able to search the entire membership list by product, application, technology or location was the most popular request, followed by information and access to the details of upcoming activities, and a way to quickly reach the EDANA staff member, either via telephone or email provides our members with the support they need when they are most likely to be using a smartphone or tablet device,” added Mr Bailey.

“Both the Statistics app and the mobile website show an evolution in the EDANA services,” commented Pierre Wiertz, General Manager of EDANA. “Our focus is to provide the support and expertise that our member companies most value, while continuing to find new ways to deliver the information to those companies and their individual employees.”


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