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INDA annual report analyses nonwovens industry events

A 99-page inaugural report by INDA includes executive summaries, introductions, backgrounds, objectives, current assessments, forecasted results and discussions by individual events to provide industry with all the data nonwoven professionals need to minimise risks and use the right opportunities for their businesses.

17th June 2014

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Cary, NC

Sustainable, Medical/Hygiene, Industrial, Packaging

INDA, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, has announced the launch of INDA Impact 2014, the inaugural report that provides comprehensive business intelligence by gathering and analysing timely, reliable and insightful market information.

The INDA Impact 2014 report reveals the implications this information could have on the nonwovens industry.

“One of INDA’s goals is to provide thought leadership, and pertinent data and information to help our members and the industry at large to succeed,” said Dave Rousse, President, INDA. “With INDA Impact 2014, organisations will discover the drivers of change, trends and forecasts that could transform the nonwovens industry.”

Game changers

Each year, INDA Impact will give insight into industry-wide events or game changers for nonwoven professionals to take advantage of market opportunities and minimise disruptors or threats to their business sectors.

Each event is evaluated in the context of current nonwovens consumption to generate a new nonwovens consumption forecast. INDA’s first report focuses on four events including: 

  • The Environmental Protection Agency’s Wiper Rule and its impact on the industrial and institutional wipes market by evaluating the rule and end-use channels to determine the opportunity for nonwoven wipes;
  • The upcoming Boomer Echo and its impact on the absorbent hygiene market based on the US historical and forecasted birth data, diaper usage and nonwoven consumption in context with Millennial’ s attitudes and female population by age;
  • The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) and its impact on the disposable nonwovens markets;
  • Potential Coal Ash Storage and Hydraulic Fracturing Regulation and its impact on the geosynthetics market nonwovens usage and opportunities based on the changes in potential regulation and increased scrutiny by environmental groups and the general public.

Assessing events

“Looking at these events individually, they may appear to be insignificant for the nonwovens industry,” said Brad Kalil, Director of Market Research and Statistics, INDA.

“Yet, when you look at all four events as a whole, the potential increase in tonnage could be in the six-figure range for the nonwovens industry over the next three years. This report quantifies each event through a conventional thinking statement followed by an assessment and rounds out the section with probable results.”

The 99-page report includes executive summaries, introductions, backgrounds, objectives, current assessments, forecasted results and discussions by individual events and contains 37 figures and 11 tables.

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