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Nonwovens Forum at ITMA 2015

The forum will feature insights into nonwovens technology and materials, and the opportunity to network with key industry executives at ITMA.

28th October 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Milan

Sustainable, Medical/Hygiene, Packaging

Against this exciting backdrop, EDANA, the European Disposables and Nonwovens Association, has recently completed the Life with Nonwovens study, which considers all three dimensions of sustainability via a series of case studies in different nonwoven end-use markets.

EDANA's Sustainability & Public Affairs Director, Pierre Conrath, said that sustainability ranks high on the association's agenda. Hence, it is jointly organising the Nonwovens Forum with ITMA 2015 organiser, MP Expositions. The forum will take place on 16 November at ITMA 2015.

Nonwovens Forum

The Nonwovens Forum will provide participants with a crystal ball view into the future of the industry, organisers predict.

In addition, the forum will feature practical insights into nonwovens technology and materials, and the rare opportunity to network with key industry executives at ITMA.

Industry challenges

Pierre Conrath of EDANA will give an introduction on the nonwovens industry, including the application areas. He will present on the topic of main challenges the nonwovens industry is facing today and how they can be addressed in the future.

“As nearly every other industry there are many issues that most companies have to contend with, but in my opinion today the main challenges at the level of the entire industry are related to the reliability and the competitiveness of raw materials,” said Pierre Conrath.

“In the long term, nonwovens benefit from their versatility, as it is possible to switch to a different raw material if need be, as it is possible to shift to different markets and application areas. In the short and medium term however, depending on the technology used and the markets served, financial constraints due to heavy investments and relatively long amortisation times and logistical constraints due to the nature of the product create some rigidity in the supply chain.”

Spunbond lines for technical applications

 Ingo Mählmann, Nonwoven Product Management Senior Manager of Oerlikon Neumag, will detail the advantages of spunbond lines for technical applications.

“Nonwoven producers are eagerly seeking new production methods, alternative technologies and/or materials. Besides conversion cost savings, raw material efficiency offers substantial and sometimes unexpected benefits for producers. This is why highly efficient and up-to-date machine technology is increasingly what nonwoven manufacturers are looking for. Spunbond technology offers a highly efficient process and cuts costs arising from handling intermediate products,” he said.

“ITMA and the Nonwovens Forum offer Oerlikon Manmade Fibers the possibility of showcasing our full product portfolio and therefore, all competences – from deep technological know-how and competent engineering to full-service solutions and after-sales customer care.”

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