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Trevira reports positive outlook for FR fibres business

Despite a difficult economic background, Trevira succeeded in generating volume growth of 4-5% over the previous year in the FR fibres business.

20th January 2015

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Bobingen

Industrial, Packaging, Protective, Clothing/​Footwear

Leading German fibre manufacturer Trevira anticipates a turnover similar to that of the previous year for 2014 (approximately EUR 250 million), as the company reports positive developments in the polyester specialties business.

The restructuring steps taken over the past years at the company have brought about a further improvement in profitability. At both Trevira sites there has been considerable investment in optimising processes, infrastructure and in plant.

Trevira fibres production in Bobingen (the new conversion plant). © Trevira GmbH

Alongside the comprehensive measures in filaments, future projects, officially commissioned in the autumn, were set in motion in the fibres unit, such as an on-site boiler house for the production of process steam and a conversion plant.

Business with FR products

Despite a difficult economic background and a continuing slow-down in investment, especially in the contract market in Southern Europe, Trevira succeeded in generating volume growth of 4-5% over the previous year in the flame retardant fibres business.

Here growth was achieved both in the traditional textile sector and in technical applications (nonwovens). Nonwovens were also notable in showing a significant volume rise in the spun-dyed segment, which should continue into the coming year, the company reports.

Business in flame retardant filaments also made stable progress in 2014, showing a slight rise on the previous year. The many new developments with Trevira CS on the market, such as the development of textile materials incorporating Trevira low-melt yarns, are the cause for an optimistic outlook, according to the manufacturer.

New application areas

What sets Trevira CS aside from other FR products, according to the company, is the wide variety of fibre and filament yarn qualities available, together with the provision of services catering for the whole textile chain.

Trevira Filament yarn production in Guben. © Trevira GmbH

The market has seen the introduction of UV stabilised yarns in new products for use in upholstery and decorative fabrics for the outdoor sector. These are currently in the implementation and field test phase at a number of customers. At the yarn level another new development can be seen in Trevira CS filaments on the basis of 100% recycled bottle chips. Forming part of the sustainability concept, they will cover new fields of application.

Based on new polymer modifications, these product developments are set to open sales opportunities not only in the contract sector, but also in technical applications and in the private market.

Focus on brand control

Trevira has considerably intensified its activities in the area of brand control. The control measures involve not only monitoring flame retardancy, the feature safeguarded by trademark testing, but also include chemical tests and analyses.

“The Trevira CS brand stands today for safety without compromise and for fabrics that lead the way globally in quality and design,” commented Klaus Holz, CEO of Trevira.

 “More than ever these trademark values must be protected. We shall therefore stop any misuse of the brand and, after all to protect our customers, we shall also ensure that only materials able to provide evidence of the appropriate trademark approval, are allowed to bear the Trevira CS brand.”

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