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ParcelHero fears for record UK exports

April’s figures show exports to the EU at the highest level – in current prices – since records began in 1997.

14th June 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  London


New figures released on Monday (June 13th) show the value of UK exports to the EU increased by 8.1% and are now at their highest levels since records began.

Yet Britain’s Northern Ireleand Protocol ‘override’ bill is likely to derail trade once again, according to international delivery expert ParcelHero.

The bill, which is likely to create a new EU-UK rift, was published on the same day that that UK government figures’s revealed Britain’s EU exports broke all previous records in April and UK manufacturers and retailers saw export sales to the country’s largest trading partner increase by 8.1%.

“The latest Office for National Statistics UK trade results show exports to the EU reached £16.4 billion in April 2022,” said ParcelHero’s head of consumer research David Jinks. “That is their highest level – in current prices – since records began in 1997. Exports to the EU rose by £1.2 billion over March and have now climbed for three consecutive months.

“Sadly, the “go-it-alone” Northern Ireland Protocol bill could well jeopardise relations with the EU once again, just as trade returns to full health following the chaos of Brexit. The EU says unilaterally scrapping parts of the Brexit trade agreement, which deals with the flow of goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland, breaks international law.

“What an irony that the UK has returned to its blinkered, belligerent approach to negotiations, just as our EU trade figures returned to health. Looking at the new bill, several proposals are likely to incense the EU, including removing the European Court of Justice’s role on arbitrating trade disputes. That’s a move based on pure ideology. Granting Northern Ireland businesses the same tax breaks as those elsewhere in the UK will also confuse EU tax regulations, as Northern Ireland has to be part of the EU sales tax structure to avoid a trade border within the island of Ireland.

“No one is denying the flaws in the Northern Ireland Protocol. The raft of new checks on food, goods and parcels it would necessitate, if fully enforced to the letter of the law, is pointless. The UK government’s ideas for a ‘Green Channel’ for goods not entering the Republic are worth discussing. The EU itself agrees the rules need changing and has put forward several proposals. However, this is the wrong time to explode a grenade just as UK-EU trade starts returning to normal.  Surely a negotiated settlement with the EU, rather than heavy tactics such as new go-it-alone legislation, is a better solution.”

ParcelHero’s in-depth analysis of ongoing UK-EU trade is available at:

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