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Patagonia to launch HeiQ Fresh MNT

Latest addition to the HeiQ Fresh family of sustainable odour management technologies.

16th June 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Zürich, Switzerland

Clothing/​Footwear, Sports/​Outdoor

HeiQ and Patagonia have jointly developed HeiQ Fresh MNT, a renewably sourced mint oil-derived textile technology to control malodour development on textiles.

The two brands have had a research partnership since 2015, with Patagonia providing the ideas and setting the principles and HeiQ uses its expertise in speciality chemical formulation and application to textiles to create finishings that outperform the market.

HeiQ Fresh MNT is the latest addition to the HeiQ Fresh family of sustainable odour management technologies, complementing the company’s mineral-based HeiQ Fresh HAX and the bio-based HeiQ Fresh FFL. HeiQ Fresh MNT provides fabrics with long-lasting odour control capability that keeps garments smelling fresh and wearers feeling clean and comfortable all day. Based on test method ISO17299-3A using isovaleric acid, the treated synthetic fibres more than double the odour control efficiency compared to current industry standards.

“Our partnership with Patagonia has always been productive and constantly stretches our capabilities,” says HeiQ co-founder and CEO, Carlo Centonze. “With odour control you need to wash less, saving water, detergent, energy and microfibres and prolong the life of garments.”

Patagonia will start to upgrade its products with HeiQ Fresh MNT in the near future.

“HeiQ is a valuable innovation partner and we’re really excited about this technology,” said the company’s material innovation engineer Laura Hoch. “Not only does it keep garments fresh in a sustainable way, it performs even better than what we currently use. We have been relentlessly testing this technology and lining up the supply chain to bring products enhanced with HeiQ Fresh MNT to the market as quickly as possible.”

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