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Positive Impressions for Coloreel

Technology enables users to not only preserve the craftsmanship of embroidery, but take it to the next level.

21st February 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Los Angeles, CA, USA


Coloreel, through its US partnership with Hirsch Solutions, has secured orders for six more of its single-head units for the on-demand digital dyeing of textile threads.

This comes less than four weeks after the very successful Impressions Expo in Long Beach, Los Angeles, where Coloreel and Hirsch demonstrated the unique capabilities provided by Coloreel products and technology to several hundred interested visitors live.

“Our partnership with Hirsch provides Coloreel with the ultimate reach into the US embroidery market and with this order of six additional units, Hirsch will be able to satisfy the quickly rising demand for our products,” said Sven Öquist, VP of sales at Coloreel Group AB. “I am looking forward to many more units sold through our partnership with Hirsch.”

“These are fantastic results from the very successful Impressions Expo,” added Adam McGrath of Hirsch Solutions. “We are looking forward to supplying more of our customers with Coloreel’s unique technology for more sustainable and creative embroideries.”

Coloreel’s groundbreaking technology carries out the high-quality colouring of thread on demand, enabling users to not only preserve the craftsmanship of embroidery, but take it to the next level. It makes previously complicated designs accessible, including gradients, textures and other effects. Using only a single thread and needle means that it also significantly improves quality and efficiency, enabling immediate start up and faster delivery.

By colouring the thread directly, there is also no wastewater, hence no water pollution, and using a single reel of thread and needle also means minimised thread waste and microfibre pollution.

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