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Precision and flexibility with the Cavimelt Pro

A thought-through solution down to the last detail.

25th September 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Trissino (VI), Italy

Clothing/​Footwear, Sports/​Outdoor, Interiors

Santex Rimar Group member Cavitec is expanding its portfolio with the launch of a two-in-one coating machine enabling rapid switching between rotogravure and full-surface coating.

The new Cavimelt Pro based on hotmelt adhesive application delivers bonding performance said to meet the highest expectations for quality and sustainability, underpinned by Cavitec’s detailed knowledge of materials, adhesives, technology and engineering.

 “We have engaged in countless discussions with existing and potential customers over several years, combining the insights gained with our own experience to design exactly the machines that customers want,” says head of sales Stephane Fernandez.

The coater offers a carefully thought-through solution down to the last detail. In the priming position, the dosing roller is open and the tool holding device pivoted down. This allows the doctor blade holder and the side dams to be changed to switch the coating. Using side dams for roll coating enables the process to be started immediately. The gravure roller is easily exchangeable with a smooth transfer roller.

Hotmelt adhesives commonly used in textiles are either single-component solvent-free thermoplastic polymers (non-reactive) or thermoset pre-polymers (reactive) heated to their melting points before application. Hotmelts are applied in a hot plasticized state onto substrate materials such as wovens, knits, nonwovens, foams, membranes, films, nets, silicon paper etc. During the process, the substrates are not subject to any deteriorating thermal stress.

In some applications, the material is coated only to change the surface composition, but more often the purpose is to bond or glue two layers of material together to build a composite material.

Full-surface coating is established in applications such as mattress tickings and grinding paper production. Those for rotogravure cover breathable active wear, protective wear and lingerie, as well as upholstery and automotive seats and interiors, hygiene and medical products, technical composites and materials for roof underlay. The coater offers the flexibility for using membranes of just 5 micrometres to foams of 20 millimetres in thickness.

The precise mechanical control of tension – vital for filmy materials – and pressure on the full width of the roll is guaranteed. Applying a correctly-defined temperature is also essential for reliable adjustments and constant spread on the roll surface.

Hotmelt technology is an environmentally-friendly process, free from solvents and water and no drying or sintering is necessary

“The Cavimelt Pro unites the full set of advantages which can drive success in the finishing business,” Fernandez concludes.

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