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Probiotic colonisation with Allergen Tech

Impressive reduction of allergens that can become airborne in living and sleep environments.

26th September 2022

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Zürich, Switzerland


New HeiQ Allergen Tech is a 100% biobased technology designed to reduce inanimate allergens, such as house dust mite matter and pet allergens, that can be easily added in the finishing stage of the manufacturing process of textiles for bedding and furniture.

Allergies are estimated to affect about 40% of the global population, and building on its tested and proven, proprietary Synbio ingredient,  HeiQ’s Allergen Tech creates an invisible protective layer that lasts at least 20 washing cycles and beyond, according to performed tests. Its main advantage is cutting down the proliferation of allergens and creating conditions for reducing the health threats they pose.

Such allergens are most present in bedrooms, mainly through accumulation in the sheets and other bedding items.

“It’s exciting to combine my two decades of research on synbiotics with HeiQ’s leading textile innovation capability to come up with the world’s first 100% biobased anti-allergen technology for textiles,” said Dr Robin Temmerman, CEO of HeiQ Chrisal, which became part of the group a year ago. “Our proprietary Allergen Tech achieves an impressive reduction of allergens that can become airborne in living and sleep environments. It has a full biologic origin and utilises the natural process of probiotic colonisation on the textile surface to effectively reduce inanimate allergens.”

Several tests have proven the high effectiveness of Allergen Tech in reducing the levels of house dust mite matter (96.6%), allergens from dog hair (76.5%) and cat hair (83.6%). Following these results, Allergy UK has assessed and certified the new HeiQ technology.

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