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24th November 2017, Tiverton

Heathcoat Fabrics presents new protection solutions

Heathcoat Fabrics, a British technical textiles specialist, has presented its new range of activated carbon liners for military and first response chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protection at Milipol, a leading event for homeland security, which took place in Paris this week.

“In an industry constantly faced with adapting to new challenges and potential threats from both non-friendly powers and terrorism, the demand from military and first response personnel for CBRN protection has significantly increased,” the company reports.

Pictured is a solider on a foot patrol wearing a full CBRN Individual Protective Equipment (IPE) including the Mk IVA CBRN suit and the General Service Respirator (GSR). © Martin Jones/MOD

Heathcoat Fabrics manufactures an extensive range of advanced technical textiles, and in the last decade the company has had direct involvement in developing CBRN fabric technology, specifically the controlled impregnation of fabrics with activated carbon compounds.

“Having the technology to successfully impregnate a wide range of woven, nonwoven and knitted fabrics with our own or customer specific activated carbon formulations is a core proficiency of our highly specialised business,” the manufacturer explains.

Heathcoat Fabrics has demonstrated its capability and commitment to CBRN solutions with a new range of activated carbon liners at the Paris show. These new activated carbon liners, currently undergoing testing, have been developed to incorporate the following features: lighter weight; enhanced breathability; reduced thermal burden; greater flexibility; and optimised comfort.

Heathcoat activated carbon liners. © Heathcoat Fabrics

All research and production are conducted on site at the manufacturing base in Tiverton, UK. The company provides a wide range of own-branded, patented high-performance product solutions. It operates a total end-to-end high service with in-house research and development, design, testing and on-site manufacturing facilities that include quality-controlled yarn texturising, warping weaving and knitting plant and the latest advanced specialist dyeing, textile enhancement treatments and finishing.

“Working with key partners Heathcoat Fabrics demonstrates our continual commitment to research, development and product innovation, which will be applied to CBRN protection and other specialist applications,” the company adds.


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  • Prof. Sunil Mhetre 1st December 2017 16:20PM

    Excellent Protection solution !!