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Klopman International achieves STeP certification

Following a three-day audit, Klopman achieved the maximum level of certification (level 3).

13th June 2016

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Frosinone

Sustainable, Industrial, Protective, Clothing/​Footwear

Klopman International, a leading manufacturer of the workwear fabrics, has achieved the STeP certification by Oeko-Tex Association, which covers the company’s processes, including the environmental performance, as well as health and safety of its workers.

The prestigious STeP certification represents a new standard system to measure manufacturing performances in terms of environmental performance, occupational safety and social working conditions along the entire textile chain. The certification applies to all processing stages: from spinning, weaving to dyeing and finishing.

Following a three-day audit, preceded by a two-month assessment, Klopman achieved the maximum level of certification (level 3) defined as “exemplary implementation in the sense of a best practice example”.

Commitment to sustainability

“Since many years Klopman believes that a strategy is sustainable only if it’s capable of building long-term economic, social and environmental value,” commented Klopman’s CEO Mr Alfonso Marra.

“To achieve, maintain and improve results a business needs to have clear goals, efficient processes, well-defined responsibilities and meaningful performance to measure its success. With the STeP certification Klopman enforces its commitment to sustainability.”

Certification system

The certification system analyses the facility performances in terms of:

  • Environmental performance
  • Workers’ health and safety
  • Social responsibility
  • Chemical products and their use
  • Environmental management

The certificate indicates the general level reached by the company, expressed as a percentage score, and modular. It shows the level and the score achieved in the six macro requirements involved in the calculation of the level, showing a transparent image of the company. The STeP certificate is valid for three years and can then be renewed.

Klopman International

Klopman was founded in 1968 by Bill Klopman who engineered the first woven blended fabric in 65% polyester and 35% cotton. As an international industrial leader, the company is continually working towards achieving the reduction in waste and energy consumption and towards the increased use of renewable energy.

The company is a leading manufacturer of polyester/cotton and cotton fabrics, as well as special blends for the protective wear, corporate wear and workwear markets. The company uses advanced technology, especially in fabric dyeing, finishing and inspection, as well as a centralised process control, monitoring of 3,800 machine operations simultaneously and in real time.

The company holds its headquarters and the 70,000 m2 production facility in Frosinone, Italy, employs 400 people and produces approximately 40 million metres of fabric every year.

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