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Är’s multi-use mask with Polygiene ViralOff

Treatment reduces micro-organisms by over 99% on a material.

10th November 2021

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Stockholm, Sweden

Protective, Medical/Hygiene

Czech premium accessories brand Är has launched a reusable FFP2 certified mask treated with Polygiene ViralOff technology, to protect against and self-clean. The mask also comes with an anti-fog system.

FFP2 level respirators offer a higher, two-way protection level compared with surgical masks, as they filter both inflow and outflow of air. The new respirator from Är is expected to be in high demand due to its FFP2 certification, since several countries have strict rules on the type of face masks which can be worn in public spaces.

Most medical respirators, such as those certified FFP2, are disposable, with many thrown away after just one use and concerns are growing about the environmental impact of the use of this type of masks The addition of Polygiene ViralOff technology brings extra protection to the respirator, and means it can be worn time after time, without throwing it away.

Polygiene ViralOff treatment reduces micro-organisms by over 99% on a material. The technology was introduced last year in response to the growing demand for antimicrobial solutions sparked by Covid-19. To develop the treatment, Polygiene returned to its roots – the company started in the healthcare sector in 2006 during the battle against SARS.

Made from a light and comfortable textile and nano membrane, the respirator has an anatomical shape and nose clip, ensuring a perfect and tight fit on the face and an anti-fog system. It also has adjustable straps on both ear-loops to easily adapt to the unique shape of the wearer.

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