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Xpore: an eco-friendly solution for waterproof breathable textiles

BenQ Materials’ safe, effective advances for clothing and other applications have been recognized by ISPO Textrends

15th January 2020

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Taiwan

Protective, Sports/​Outdoor

Taiwanese innovator BenQ Materials has launched of Xpore, a ground-breaking new technology for waterproof and breathable textiles. “Xpore is the first genuine innovation in waterproof and breathable technology for many years, providing not only comfort – with an unprecedented ‘beyond dry’ experience – but also environmentally-friendly safety,” the company said in a press statement today.

Xpore, a refinement of BenQ Material’s AirySektor concept, is said to have almost limitless applications in performance clothing, home care, and medical care. Xpore technology is also said to be ideal for natural fibre fabrics, such as silk, wool, and cotton, and even for special materials requested by designers, such as leather.

“Unlike existing products, Xpore technology is safe and free of harmful PTFE/PFCs (Polytetrafluoroethylene and Perfluorocarbons). Xpore technology also provides fully chemical solvent-free processes from membrane manufacturing to lamination. Xpore not only sets a new standard for eco-friendliness from production process to final product, but also offers true breathability together with waterproofing,” the company says.

According to BenQ its nano-porous membranes have been recognized as ‘exceptional’ by the industry-leading ISPO Textrends jury panel of journalists, designers, and independent professionals. When selecting outstanding membrane and coating products, the ISPO jury placed two of BenQ Materials’ products in the top 10, and three of them in the selection category.

In independent tests, Xpore has demonstrated remarkable and significant advantages over the existing dominant technologies in this market, the company adds. “BenQ Materials’s membrane innovations now control moisture with 10 billion nano-pores per square inch – each 20,000x smaller than a water droplet and 200x larger than a water vapor molecule – to keep wearers dry and comfortable in all conditions. As a result, compared to competing products, BenQ Materials’ hydrophobic nano-porous membrane offers better moisture vapor transmission, breathability and durability; is impenetrable to bacteria and mites; and is lighter and faster drying.”

Certification and approval

Xpore technology materials including nano-porous membrane and glue have already received critical SGS and ITS certifications and BenQ Materials’ factory facilities already have ISO approval, according to the company. Bluesign, OEKO-TEX, and TAF of laboratory approvals are in process.

“Xpore offers such a compelling alternative to existing fabric comfort technologies that it promises to make possible entirely new product categories,” BenQ concludes.

BenQ Materials, a member of Taiwan’s $20bn BenQ Group of high tech firms, is becoming known in the fabric technology field for exclusive, innovative products. The company, originally named Daxon Technology, was established in 1998 with headquarters in Taoyuan, Taiwan. BenQ Materials began as an optical storage manufacturer and has gradually shifted its core business to the materials science field. BenQ Materials product lines include functional films, advanced battery materials, and healthcare products.

Visit BenQ at ISPO in Hall C2 Booth 207.



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