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Reebok reimagines gas stations as fitness hubs

The goal is a country, where a healthy gym and restaurant are no more than a few miles away, the company explains.

18th January 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Canton, MA


Sportswear company Reebok and design firm Gensler have partnered in a new Get Pumped campaign to reimagine gas stations across the country as fitness hubs, where people can prioritise their mental and physical wellness as gas-powered cars continue to become obsolete. “The goal is a country, where a healthy gym and restaurant are no more than a few miles away,” the company explains.

The concept will take on three different forms, maximising the impact of the different types of gas stations nationwide:

The Network. © Reebok

The first is called The Network. “We’ve imagined the major, interstate rest stops as the power grid of the future. They’re a place where travellers can stop and generate energy through spinning and boxing, Crossfit, Les Mils, and a running trail,” Reebok says.

The Oasis. © Reebok

The second is The Oasis. The larger gas station that commuters pass on small, local highways will be turned into recharge zones, to capitalise on the type of mental and physical rest those commuting need. There are real food offerings from a farm to table eatery to a juice bar, as well as yoga and meditation pods. The exterior will provide sustenance in the form of an herb garden, and outdoor wheels where you can run in the fresh air.

The Community Centre. © Reebok

Finally, there is The Community Centre. The local, small town gas stations will be transformed into four different ways for communities to enhance their healthy life. People can charge electric cars, and in the auto repair shop, there will be nutrition classes. The minimart will offer local, healthy food, and pop-up trucks will offer rotating Crossfit and Spinning classes so there’s no lack of access for healthy options.

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