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California Energy Commission releases report on TERSUS waterless laundry

CO2Nexus, a Littleton based company, provides the TERSUS solution to redefine textile processing by replacing water with recycled carbon dioxide.

8th October 2014

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Denver, CO

Sustainable, Clothing/​Footwear, Industrial

The California Energy Commission (CEC) has publicly released the final report on CO2Nexus four-year initiative to bring water-free laundry to the cleanroom manufacturing industry.

The report documents the results of 18 months of field testing during which CO2Nexus optimised its carbon dioxide based processes to outperform conventional water based laundry operations.


The TERSUS Cleanroom Solution is said to deliver 50% higher garment throughput and 50% reduction in operating costs by reducing space requirements and energy use.

CO2Nexus is finalising its commercial system and is collaborating with its global partners to commercially deploy the TERSUS Solution in 2015, the company reports.

The CEC report documents that the TERSUS Cleanroom Solution met or exceeded the following cleanroom specifications using liquefied carbon dioxide and proprietary chemistry:

  • Particulate count
  • Electrostatic discharge
  • Ionic residue
  • Bio-burden

TERSUS Cleanroom Solution

The TERSUS Cleanroom Solution features a novel barrier system that maintains the integrity of the cleanroom environment by using a two-door machine that securely penetrates the clean while sealing off the non-clean area.

With a real time monitoring feature and garment specific programming, the Solution can adapt to the needs of each cleanroom and the operators’ preferences. The platform is said to offer greater management oversight into garment processing through custom management reports.

 “We are excited that our efforts thus far have been strongly validated,” said Richard Kinsman, CEO and President of CO2Nexus. “Our goal is simple: to redefine cleanroom garment processing and mitigate the mounting business risk associated with water based cleanroom operations. We believe TERSUS will become the new standard for cleanroom laundering and garment maintenance.”

Redefining textile processing

CO2Nexus, a Littleton based company, provides the TERSUS solution to redefine textile processing by replacing water with recycled carbon dioxide.

The platform is said to enable the efficient production and maintenance of higher performing, longer lasting textiles and garments by using closed -loop machinery paired with proprietary chemistry and process inputs.

CO2Nexus currently provides TERSUS solution to brand apparel companies, industrial laundry, and cleanroom garment services; the company also has initiatives underway to apply the platform to other textile processes and components of the broader textile supply chain.

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