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Innovative felt project identifies productivity gains for paper making

The project uses a rotary edge support device, which is believed to solve the problem of joint ring tension control during the weaving process.

5th September 2014

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Shanghai


China Technical Textile watch by Oliver Haiqing Hua

China Textile Industry Association has organized the high speed high pressure joint papermaking felt R&D and production project appraisal meeting in Jinshan District, Shanghai.

This project has been jointly carried out by the Shanghai Jinxiong Fabrics (Jinxiong) and Vanov Paper Machine Felt Group (Vanov).

The project uses high strength nylon filament yarn as raw material, applied circular weaving and rotary splicing technology, and prepared blankets base net with joint rings. This is done in order to make joint papermaking blanket by combining needling and heat setting.


The project uses a rotary edge support device as a result of independent research and development. This is said to solve the problem of joint ring tension control during the weaving process.

The product has straight seam, flat surface, blanket uniform permeability. Compared with the conventional products in the market, it greatly reduces the difficulty and time consuming for the downstream papermaking factory to stop the machine for the change of blanket, which improves the production efficiency.


The questionnaire results show that experts, who reviewed the project report and inspected the production site, think that the high speed high pressure joint papermaking blanket R & D and production project has completed the task book requirements.

The overall technology has reached the advanced level of the international similar products, and the appraisal committee agreed the project passes through the identification. The expert group composed of following experts:

  • China Academy of Engineering Academician Yu Jianyong (
  • Shanghai Textile Science Research Institute, VP Zhang Deliang (
  • Jiangnan University Professor Deng Bingyao (
  • Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Professor Zhu Chengyan (
  • China National Pulp and Paper Research Institute Liu Wen (
  • Hangzhou Light Industry Machinery Research Institute Yang Xu (
  • Beijing Wuzhou Yanyang special textile Co., Ltd. Dong Anli (

The following leaders also attended the appraisal meeting from the China Textile Industry Federation department of science and technology:

  • Director Peng Yanli, deputy director Zhang Huiqin
  • China National Industrial Textile Association (CNITA)
  • President Li Lingshen and Secretary General Li Guimei




China Textile Industry Association:


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Oliver Haiqing Hua.Oliver Haiqing Hua, a textiles business analyst, has joined the Innovation in Textiles team to provide regular insider reports on developments within the Chinese textile industry. Oliver focuses on the development and changes in the Chinese textiles industry and associated industries, and gives in-depth analysis and interpretation of the relevant policies, industry trends, and business events.

Mr. Hua previously worked for the former Ministry of Equipment & Materials and the former Ministry of Internal Trade of China from 1984 to 1997. His role included reporting on the market, raw materials, production, logistics, finance, management dynamics, as well as the analysis related to all the upstream and downstream aspects in the industry supply chain.

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