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ISPO Textrends drives fashionability and technicity

Responsible manufacturing, sustainability, and transparency are key for Fall/Winter 21/22 with creativity back in force.

15th January 2020

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Munich


The jury makes the final decisions. © ISPO.


The balance between beautiful materials, innovation, and responsible manufacturing is becoming the norm with the ISPO Textrends Hub. Newly located in Hall C1, ISPO Textrends is the essential springboard for brands and product developers to start sourcing for the next season.

The eighth edition of ISPO Textrends encourages a harmonious approach between creativity and the in-depth development of seasonal basics for Fall/Winter 21/22, but with one common thread, the ever-growing importance of sustainability and responsible production. Creativity is a key driver, incorporating both recycled and virgin yarns through to innovative print and dye techniques, digitalization and novel constructions.

No longer the exception but now the rule, sustainable elements feature throughout the 480 items covering ten categories at ISPO Textrends, from insulation through to outer layer, trims, and accessories. What makes ISPO Textrends unique is the international jury of textile experts who have selected the latest innovations and all the key ingredients to create the next generation of products.

“I saw really amazing stuff, smart stuff, more than I expected,” said Giussy Bettoni, CEO Founder of C.L.A.S.S. regarding applications at the jury meeting. “I don’t think I saw any article without the word eco-friendly. At least we understand that something has changed, now is the time to inform in a different way. There is a lot of good work happening in the industry, that’s for sure.”

The international jury of textile professionals also took a harmonious approach when it came to the final selections during the jury meeting. The array of knowledge and know-how in all aspects of the sports and outdoors sectors from the jury members led to unanimous results for each sector.

“The option to look at so many different qualities next to the composition aspect and the technical weaving for me, is really important to have a positive life attitude in the colour and structure presented, so that is really visible. The diversity of the producers and the suppliers coming in, having access to other hands, to other textile sensations and also seeing different developments, I think that is a visible change stepping forward,” said Ali Ansari, Fashion Designer.

Three additional highlights emerged from the jury’s findings that encompassed all ten sectors.

Dig Deep - back to basics with newly engineered products that from initial appearance look very basic, but when you delve in deeper and see the composition and construction, it is clear to see there is a higher level of technicity involved. Basics are a key component season after season, with the jury noting a push in synthetic yarns as well as hybrid blends.

“We are using fiber blends and I saw some good examples, but I also appreciate when I see low key basic fabrics that they have used new yarn blends and recycled yarns and have put a lot of effort to get the right hand-feel. This means that fabrics look like an ordinary fabric, but there is the proper job done through composition it is going to be a good commercial fabric, it is going to be useful,” said Thomas HaÌŠkansson, Freelance Fashion Designer.

Accepting the Challenge - how to define sustainability is tricky, with many elements to consider from waste reduction, durable garments, locations through to water and energy saving, biodegradability, recycled and recyclability to name just a few. This season the jury observed the length companies had gone to in creating responsible products that still maintain a high level of performance and technicity. A key requirement that the consumers rely on their brands to source.

“Everyone talks about new technology and sustainable options, but you don’t really know how to do it, as we haven’t done it before. With some of the hybrid developments here, it is a step forward because we are looking at circularity, it is going to be like this for a while. I know that sports brands with a technical side are looking for innovation, they can’t just sell on design, they need technical things to talk about. Technicity is a selling point,” said Mia Tapio, Responsible Business Consultant.

Techno City Tales - This season’s Street Sports is one sector that took a big leap forward in terms of content and creativity. With the consumers’ lifestyle changing, the efficiency required from consumers in requiring multifunctional garments has led to textile manufacturers to create a strong sense of function and fashion. Brands need to sell a story as well as look good. There is a big shift in fabrics traditionally destined for the outdoors sector offering duality for urban living as well as outdoor sporting activities.

“The fashionability side and the performance side are going to merge, there is going to be more and more hybrid garments. I think it was very interesting to see sportswear finishes on traditional fabrics, this for me is a new direction in hybrid dressing and I expect to see much more,” said David Shah, Editor in Chief, View.

Discover all the 450 products for Best Product, TOP TEN and Selection at the newly located ISPO Textrends Hub - Hall C1 - Booth 10-20 at ISPO Munich (26-29 January 2020) and at ISPO Beijing Booth: E2.168 (12-15 February 2020).

Best Products Fall/Winter 2021/22

The international companies victorious in being awarded the Best Product for each sector for Fall/Winter 21/22 are as follows:

Base Layer Category

Bundle by Zhejiang Xinao Textiles Inc. China

The Bundle quality yarn is produced using Hybrid Spinning Technology (HST) where ultra-fine Merino Wool together with Polyamide is “bundled” together during the yarn formation process. Circular knitted fabrics and garments made from the Bundle quality yarn exhibit a high degree of wear performance while maintaining a smooth surface appearance.


Second Layer Category

Polartec Power Air by Polartec, USA

A new revolutionary knit construction that encapsulates air to retain warmth and reduce microfiber shedding. The result is a performance fabric with advanced thermal efficiency that sheds up to 5x less than other premium mid-layer fabrics, a step forward in reducing the environmental impact of what we make and wear.


Outer Layer Category

Hyosung , South Korea

A transparent and lightweight woven fabric that is ultra-resistant incorporating 100 % MIPAN robic polyamide. This plain weave application, has a high tenacity from the MIPAN robic yarn, offering longevity to products but also a soft haptic.


Membranes & Coatings Category

TiEF PRO three layers by Toread Holdings Group Co., Ltd, China

Made of 30D Polyester bright yarn, woven with high-density twill, a silk-like lustre is achieved. TiEF PRO’s three-layer waterproof and moisture-permeable silk fabric not only guarantees outdoor functionality but also makes the silk lustre more fashionable, allowing outdoor fashion to go hand in hand with fashion.


Street Sports Category

Grand Textile Co., Ltd, Taiwan

A unique special spray dyeing technology, which creates a unique pattern and can be applied to any material, maintaining the original soft hand of the fabric and save 90% water compared to conventional dyeing techniques.


Accelerated Eco Category

Sorona faux fur by DuPont Sorona, USA

The first plant-based faux fur offers a natural luxury look with super soft sensational natural hand touch, and it is recyclable. With a composition of 80 percent DuPont Sorona and 20 percent recycled polyester, this faux fur has one of the best hand feels on the market.


Soft Equipment Category

Aluula Gold by Aluula Composites Inc., Canada

Ultra-lightweight, high tensile strength composite materials. The 100% covalently bonded co-polymers result in a product that is truly multi-functional. Windproof, water repellent, recyclable, tear-proof and quick dry ensure a long-life product.


Fibers & Insulations Category

Flower Down by Minardi Piume srl, Italy

A special mixture of our P.U.R.E recycled down, together with a vegetable fibre originated from the Kapok tree. The final product takes the advantages of the down in terms of thermal insulation and comfort, together with the fluffiness and water- resistance of the Kapok fiber, allowing better performance in a more humid environment.

Trims Category

Beauty lies in simplicity by JSC Laurema, Lithuania

This heat transfer creates zero waste. Behind the small details, there is an accurate work. By using less inks, we created something incredible. The heat transfers can be recycled along with your textile which helps to reduce waste.


Accessories Category

MUSHRO Grip Tap by Ing.Gerhard Fildan GemsbH, Austria

Round and smooth mushroom elements which allow easy guidance and are simple to align. Damaged clothing is a thing of the past! The identical engineering plastic elements are applied to a microfiber fabric. A tensile strength and the possibility of vertical and horizontal adjustment makes the tape versatile.


The ISPO Textrends Award Ceremony for the international companies receiving the Best Product in each sector will take place on Sunday, 26 January at 2 pm, Entrance West at the Academy Lounge.

During ISPO Munich, textile trend consultant, Louisa Smith, will present the trend information at the ISPO Textrends Speakers Corner, booth C2.14. Not to be missed in gaining trend insight in the market and the products featured at the ISPO Textrends Hub, the first presentation will commence at midday, proceeded by an afternoon session at 2:15 pm throughout the first three days of the show, with a single midday presentation on the final day.

Highlighting the key colour palettes, consumer attitudes, mega trends and material directions for Fall/Winter 21/22, in addition, the ISPO Textrends trend information for Spring/Summer 2022 will be officially released with full colour palettes, mega trends and textile trends. The results of which will feature at the ISPO Textrends Hub at OutDoor by ISPO (June 28 to July 1, 2020).

Full details of all the materials featured will also be available, 365 days a year, in the newly designed ISPO Textrends trendbook, offering an efficient and invaluable sourcing tool for the sports and outdoor markets.

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