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Meisheng Group develops waterborne microfibre and air layer fabric

The waterborne microfibre fabric is the first of this kind of product launched in the Chinese domestic market.

19th August 2014

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Shanghai

Industrial, Interiors, Sustainable

China Technical Textile Watch by Oliver Haiqing Hua

Zhejiang Meisheng Industry, located in Qianqing town, has successfully developed a waterborne microfibre fabric that has received the latest test results from the authority of the state of China.

The inspection reports show that the products are in line with the national standards in the heavy metal content, water stability, pilling resistance and other specifications.

The fabric is the result of the company’s R & D project that involved about 7 million Yuan (US$ 1.12 million) of investment and took more than two years to implement. The process was successfully finalized in October last year.


According to the company, the product can replace real leather products in many fields, especially for the high-grade auto inner decoration and high-end furniture manufacturing sectors.

The successful R & D and production of this product is becoming very popular. It is worth mentioning that the waterborne microfibre fabric is the first of this kind of product in the Chinese domestic market.

At the moment, the market price has reached 38 Yuan (US$ 6.10) per metre. Meisheng Group has thus become one of the Chinese popular fabrics enterprises in 2014 and 2015, and one of the top ten enterprises in China’s plastics industry.

Waterborne microfibre

Waterborne microfibre has a particularly good suede feel and the product has the obvious advantage with regards to the environmental protection.

 Especially, it makes a great difference in the production process comparing with the traditional production methods, as it does not use polluting formaldehyde or polluting oily solvent.

Air layer fabric

Since the start of the year, in addition to waterborne microfibre fabric, Meisheng Group has also had preliminary success with an air layer fabric.

After trials by garment enterprises, the product has also been widely recognised. The fabric is also very soft, light in weight in comparison with other fabrics.

The development of this product can replace the down material which has been used for years. Under the condition of ensuring the breathable performance, the heat retention and economics are better than down material. Although the product still needs further improvement, some South Korean companies have already thrown an olive branch to Meisheng Group for cooperation.

Meisheng Group:


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Mr. Hua previously worked for the former Ministry of Equipment & Materials and the former Ministry of Internal Trade of China from 1984 to 1997. His role included reporting on the market, raw materials, production, logistics, finance, management dynamics, as well as the analysis related to all the upstream and downstream aspects in the industry supply chain.

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