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Responsible chemistry for fashion and sportswear

Garmon Chemicals sets a new course for the company with the Stretch Care green collection, launched at Kingpins Amsterdam last week.

25th April 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Amsterdam

Clothing/​Footwear, Sustainable

In January, the company was acquired by Kemin Industries, an ingredient manufacturer. With Kemin’s support, Garmon is moving forward focusing on three main pillars: sustainability, constant innovation and a stronger relationship with its customers. The objective is to increase Garmon’s brand R&D scope, commercial penetration and product offer.

The first step of this path was set by the appointment of a new Marketing and Business Development Director Donald Mulazzani. With a strong fashion and sportswear background, Mr Mulazzani joined the company in February 2018. “We are strategically planning to grow our business. In order to achieve our objectives, we will be completely in tune with our customer’s needs, to become the real link that joins chemistry, fashion and sportswear,” he said.

Growth strategy

The main goals are strengthening the relationship with the brand customers while activating new business areas and focusing on continuous sustainable improvements, according to the company. In this direction, Kemin will support the Italian company with all its product innovation experience, enhancing a strong marketing-oriented approach, while using its production and logistics platforms. By leveraging Kemin’s international manufacturing facilities, the aim is to become a truly “glocal” company, making the business more eco-friendly, by reducing its carbon footprint and saving energy.

As a link ensuring continuity in this process, Garmon Chemicals’ President Maurizio Cappellini will continue to lead the team. This transition is expected to be a real re-boot of the core business that remains focused on chemical auxiliaries for denim, fashion and sportswear industry above all.

Sustainability first

Sharing the same ethical values, Garmon and Kemin firmly believe in sustainable chemistry able to reduce the environmental impact on people’s lives. Garmon was in 2015 the first chemical manufacturer to launch a line of auxiliaries ever assessed through the GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals, the globally recognised tool that identifies hazardous chemicals and safer alternatives.

Currently, more than 50% of products lines are eco sustainable, and expecting to grow even more, thanks to Kemin’s important support. The ultimate objective is to offer within 2021 only GreenScreen certified products.

More value for stretch fabrics

“On contemporary markets scenarios constantly change, while flexibility and ability to adapt are central elements,” the company reports. “Garmon has therefore decided to enter its new course with an innovative collection, specifically conceived to enhance the quality and performance of stretch fabrics.”

Consisting of all eco-sustainable and GreenScreen certified products, Stretch Care offers avant-garde solutions in a flexible product range. Thanks to its special formulation, the Stretch Care collection develops a full range of product treatments with characteristics including:

  • minimised loss of elasticity, for superior shape retention and recovery performance,
  • protection of fabrics and accessories from damages, greatly improving garments quality,
  • providing the garment with special personality and extraordinary contrasts,
  • making the garment feel incredibly softer to the touch, and
  • eco sustainability and optimisation of the production process.

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