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Robotic assistance for Ugurlular Tekstil

Automatically repairing ends down that occur while a spinning machine is running.

5th February 2024

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Denizli, Turkey


Ugurlular Tekstil, based in Denizli, Turkey, has ordered more than 30 ROBOspin automated piecing robots for its ring and compact-spinning machines from Swiss technology leader Rieter.

This follows Ugurlular’s expansion of its production volume to 100 tons of yarn per day following a 57,000-spindle Rieter compact spinning installation in 2022.

ROBOspin piecing robots repair ends down that occur while a spinning machine is running, or during doffing. The robot receives information about the position of the ends down from the integrated individual spindle monitoring (ISM). The robot operates 24 hours a day, maintains a consistently high level of productivity and makes the spinning process easier for a spinning mill organisation as a whole.

With minimal contact between the robot and the cop throughout the entire piecing process, yarn quality remains high. It can be installed on different types of Rieter ring and compact-spinning machines, and on both new and older models, and rapidly adjusted to common raw materials and yarn counts.

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