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Room for acoustic solutions

On occasion of the new acoustex trade fair, Sandler will showcase its textile solution for acoustic elements.

7th September 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Schwarzenbach/Saale


Individual and especially open room layouts are changing our homes as much as our working environment, schools, restaurants and other public spaces. Communicative but also featuring a quiet atmosphere; promoting teamwork and yet enabling us to concentrate on our work: to fulfil these requirements, efficient acoustic solutions are needed.

In wall and ceiling modules, partitions, acoustically efficient wall decoration, and also in furniture, nonwovens made from polyester fibres are applied as high-performance sound absorbers.

On occasion of the new acoustex trade fair, taking place from 10-11 October, as well as at this year’s Orgatec, which will be held from 23-27 October, Sandler, a leading nonwovens manufacturer, will showcase its textile solution for interior acoustics and transportation. “Lightweight, large-format panels to become the core of your acoustic concepts – because when it comes to optimising acoustics, every centimetre counts,” the company explains.

“These single-polymer polyester panels are produced without any chemical additives and therefore pose no health risks. They are resistant to moisture, UV-radiation, and mechanical influences, making them a durable and robust alternative for interior design.”

At acoustex, the company will also deliver a presentation on Nonwovens for Interior Acoustics – Properties & Product Features on 10 October.

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