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12-13 September 2018, Vorarlberg

Saltex 2018

The second edition of Saltex puts smart textiles into the spotlight. © Saltex  At the second edition of Saltex, a trade fair and a symposium on smart textiles and high-performance materials, leading associations like the Confederation of the German Textile and Fashion Industry, as well as the industry association ivgt for technical textiles, again confirmed their participation. Further industry enterprises like Alge Elastic, Getzner or Güth & Wolf registered as exhibitors. At the upcoming Saltex, representatives of research institutions will get the opportunity to show their innovative exhibits.

After the experience of the successful premiere in 2016 the association Carbon Composites (CCeV) based in Augsburg, Germany decided to participate again at Saltex upcoming September. CCeV is a group of companies and research facilities that covers the entire value chain of high-performance fibre composites in the DACH region.

The second edition of Saltex puts smart textiles into the spotlight. Potential users from construction, mobility, medical or sports and lifestyle as well as smart textile developers shall start a dialogue. Second core topic is the development, production and application of textile high-performance materials (HPM). Integral link and visitor magnet is the Smart Textiles Symposium, that takes place simultaneously with the exhibition Saltex since 2016. Visits at companies located in Vorarlberg will round up the events programme.

Saltex, which takes place from 12-13 September, will be held concurrently with the 57th Dornbirn-GFC. The traditional Mayor’s evening will be co-hosted by both organisers Saltex and Dornbirn-GFC as bilateral networking event.

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  • GUSTAVO FERNANDEZ 30th July 2018 22:23PM

    Please inform the address where the SALTEX fair will be held in Austria in September 2018. Thank you,