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Santex Rimar Group recognises innovative AI platform

One of the final events of Premio Gaetano Marzotto took place at Santex Rimar Group, SMIT workshops, in Italy.

7th November 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Trissino

Clothing/​Footwear, Industrial

One of the final events of Premio Gaetano Marzotto took place at Santex Rimar Group, SMIT workshops, in Italy. During the event, five start-ups have been selected and awarded by Santex Rimar Group, Illycaffè, Santa Margherita wine producer Group, Selle Royal Group and ZCube - Zambon Research.

Santex Rimar Group has chosen Indigo AI, the first AI platform that uses chatbots and machine learning to automate customised experiences between companies and customers.

Corporate Fast Track Award Start winners. © Santex Rimar Group

“There is true innovation when enthusiasm and intelligence of young startupers are combined with the experience and the vision of those who make traditional business,” commented Ferdinando Businaro President of Santex Rimar Group.

Premio Gaetano Marzotto is part of the activities founded by Giannino Marzotto together with Ferdinando Businaro and his daughters Cristiana, Maria Rosaria Gioia and Margherita Marzotto.

The award is inspired by Gaetano Marzotto, a twentieth-century entrepreneur who was committed to uniting enterprise and society, culture and territory. As Santex Rimar Group main shareholders, Giannino Marzotto’s family members say they are proud to pursue family effort in sustaining young entrepreneurs.

“Santex Rimar Group is developing 4.0 projects focused on the relationship with more than 30,000 customers located all over the world. Our new technologies will help to save energy, understanding the processes and avoiding time waste and lack of quality,” explained Stefano Gallucci, CEO of Santex Rimar Group.

Indigo AI team with Santex Rimar Group. © Santex Rimar Group

“We offer services that enable our customers to achieve and maintain quality production standards and implement predictive maintenance. With this start-up we can develop solutions to solve customers’ problems faster and better.”

“We want machines that can assure that there is no waste, no second quality, that can prevent errors and suggest how to repair malfunctions. Machines that allow low downtime and help schedule maintenance. These machines will help solve the challenges of such a competitive textile industry,” said Mr Gallucci.

The final event of the seventh edition of the Premio Gaetano Marzotto will be held on 23 November in Rome.

Santex Rimar Group is a leading machine manufacturer for weaving, textile finishing, nonwovens, technical textiles and green technologies for water treatment and drying processes. As a technology partner for weaving, knitted, woven fabrics, nonwovens and green solutions, the Group started as different companies that in 2015 have evolved into Santex Rimar Group.


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