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Santoni introduces new Mecmor machine for footwear

The knitting process of the shoe uppers has been re-engineered to offer a performance product that gives a unique sense of fit and comfort.

17th January 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Brescia

Sports/​Outdoor, Clothing/​Footwear

The world-renowned Santoni Mecmor open panel circular knitting machine, recognized as the most ‘complete knitwear machine in circular motion’, has now been redesigned to meet the latest challenge of the footwear market. 

“A new take-down group has been fitted to cut the lateral selvedges and to roll up the knitted fabric for the subsequent footwear process finishing phase. In fact, this fabric roll is already ready for the next treatment process of the uppers,” says Santoni Marketing Manager Patrick Silva.

“In this way, the machine, provided with a large number of feeds, enables knitted uppers to be produced in a high-quality way with maximum performance.”

One single machine produces all sizes of fabric, with limited and controlled waste, thanks to the variable width of the fabric panels that allows the possibility of only setting the actual number of working needles to make the required size of product.

The knitting process of the shoe uppers has been re-engineered to offer a performance product that gives a unique sense of fit and comfort thanks to the following key benefits:

  • Lightness - as the knitting structure allows better stretch so giving a feel-good experience just like wearing a sock
  • Better form fitting - due to new shapes, angles and materials that wrap the foot in an adaptive support
  • Sustainability - as the variable fabric panel permits a limited and controlled wastage and can knit re-cycled yarns as well
  • The mixing of different technical yarns and specific mapping of various areas of the uppers with dedicated meshes so guaranteeing both breathability and high performance
  • All the required operations can be obtained directly on the machine with a single operation
  • Aesthetically pleasing result - as the finer 20-gauge machine allows a higher resolution that enables higher customization of the product

In addition, extra decorative patterns and logos may be added to the upper surface to create 3-D technical effects and designs that can be directly knitted by the machine.

“With our innovative Mec-Mor technology the complete footwear production cycle has been evolved and changed. Now it is possible to have a semi-finished product which involves less making-up costs as the upper is already mapped. This allows a rapid customization thanks also to the high photographic resolution,” Patrick Silva explains.

“Without doubt, every runner and athlete loves to have a lighter product that is able to complement their actions and movements. This can improve their performances and increase their comfort making them feel even better.”

According to Santoni, high performance sports brands are successfully using these features to revolutionize how to make footwear and are bringing innovative products into this segment.

“At present, with this new Mec-Mor technology Santoni is the only one to offer a more efficient and profitable alternative to the standard production of flat knitting machines,” concludes Patrick Silva.


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