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Saving water with new Microban technology

Scentry Revive is a new technology by Microban, which neutralises odour without the need for frequent laundering.

10th April 2018

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Huntersville, NC

Sports/​Outdoor, Medical/Hygiene

Microban International, a leader in textile odour control and prevention, will introduce its new patent-pending odour control technology for the textiles industry called Scentry Revive at the upcoming Performance Days exhibition, which takes place from 18-19 April in Munich, Germany.

Brian Aylward, Director of Odour Control Research & Development for Textiles, Microban, and Zsolt Huszágh, Head of Microban Textile Business Development, Europe, will be at the show to provide the information about the latest development.

Scentry Revive is a new, patent-pending technology by Microban, which neutralises odour and maintains freshness without the need for frequent laundering.  Extending the length of time an item can be worn between washings – up to five wears – Microban says it wants to lead the way by providing innovative and consumer-friendly technologies – this time allowing the wearer to “live more, wash less”.

While the average shirt might be laundered 50 times per year (consuming upwards of 454 litres of water per shirt), the same garment with the new Scentry Revive technology built into the textile would require only 10 washings per year, consuming only 25 litres per year via laundry.

Launching in Europe at Performance Days, the Microban team, led by Director of Odour Control Research & Development for Textiles, Brian Aylward, will appear at the show to unveil this new technology and its expected impact and implementations. 

“As the lead inventor who has steered his team of scientists to develop Scentry Revive - a significant advancement on the brand’s existing Scentry Odour Capture Platform – Brian will be on-site to discuss the technology behind this development throughout the two-day event,” the company comments.

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