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Schoeller’s Winter 2021 collection focuses on action

Schoeller’s new Winter 2021 collection focuses on a theme of 'Shift', representing movement, change and responsibility.

25th January 2019

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Sevelen/Schweiz

Sports/​Outdoor, Sustainable, Clothing/​Footwear

Stealthy Shine. © Schoeller

Schoeller’s new Winter 2021 collection focuses on a theme of Shift, representing movement, change and responsibility: Changing perspectives, optimising the time-honoured, standing out from the crowd and yet never losing sight of sustainability. The durable, comfortable high-tech fabrics are eye catching with their sophisticated sheen, intense colouring and high-quality materials but also stand for responsibly-produced textiles from Switzerland.

Upcycled products with Econyl yarn and the PFC-free ecorepel Bio technology, based on renewable raw materials, are just two of the ecological highlights of the 2021 Winter collection, the company reports.

Stealthy Shine

Intense, deep shades, such as burgundy or aubergine, combined with a seemingly technical satin sheen, lend a wintry elegance on the ski slopes with super-comfortable schoeller-WB-400 soft-shell functional fabric.

Hyper Density. © Schoeller

Hyper Density. © Schoeller

An equally sophisticated shimmer is demonstrated by the bi-elastic and water-repelling schoeller-shape lightweight which, tailored into leggings, moulds itself perfectly onto the body. A more sporty-masculine look is presented by the abrasion-proof, chintzed schoeller-dynamic outdoor fabrics in a midnight blue with a subtle sheen.

Hyper Density

Brilliant, vibrant colours play a major role in Schoeller’s 2021 Winter collection. Monochrome, high-quality colourings finish the high-tech fabrics with an intensity and depth which are guaranteed to draw all eyes in every outdoor activity. Entirely different fabrics can therefore be perfectly combined and create an arena for new creative silhouettes.

Eco Created

The textiles manufactured by Schoeller using Econyl yarn are genuine upcycled products, created from regenerated materials. The Econyl Reclaiming Programme from Aquafil reduces the quantity of waste material occurring worldwide by collecting regenerative resources from waste disposal sites and the oceans and returning them to the production cycle.

Eco Created. © Schoeller

Eco Created. © Schoeller

In terms of quality and appearance, no difference can be detected between the resulting yarn and conventional textiles. These innovations from the Schoeller fabric family featuring Econyl yarn are supple schoeller-WB-400 soft-shells with mulesing-free, washable merino backings in the shades of the sea. Additional wind and weather protection is provided by the bionic c_change climate membrane, which is also available combined with a light, recycled jersey backing as schoeller-WB-formula. And the fluorocarbon-free ecorepel Bio technology based on renewable raw materials accounts for the lasting water repelling properties in all qualities.

Smoky Ghostly

Light, blurred stone grey, jeans blue and camel shades blend technical, high-performance fabrics with a natural look and warming feel-good comfort are showcased in voluminous schoeller-WB-400 winter weights with colour-coordinated fronts and reverses.

Smoky Ghostly. © Schoeller

Smoky Ghostly. © Schoeller

Soft, sophisticated mixes with a brushed, structured fleece backing not only make a big optical impact, but impress with their functionality due to the sustainable, PFC-free ecorepel Bio technology, which also ensures reliable water repellence.

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