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Shoddy for the 21st Century from Camira

Recycling process first established in Yorkshire in the 1800s now has a new relevance.

20th July 2023

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Huddersfield, United Kingdom


Camira has launched its new Revolution range of interior fabrics – the first to be produced using the advanced textile recycling capability of new subsidiary iinouiio.

Revolution uses waste wool yarn from Camira’s own manufacturing processes to create a fabric that is truly closing the loop.

Developed at Camira’s manufacturing sites in Huddersfield, UK, the creation of Revolution is inspired by a local, traditional technique of wool recycling known as shoddy manufacturing.

First established in Yorkshire in the 1800s, the shoddy process saw used wool garments recycled to create new yarn and fabric and was incredibly popular until the advent of synthetic materials such as polyester caused it to become obsolete at the end of the twentieth century.

The last shoddy manufacturer closed in 2000, but West Yorkshire wool reprocessing and recycling is now back in a big way with iinouiio at Camira.

Revolution is created using Camira’s waste wool yarns which are sorted into colour groups before being mechanically pulled apart, shredded and stripped back into fibre form. The recycled wool fibres are then blended with virgin wool before being carded, spun and woven into fabric.

Using the latest machinery and high-quality wool yarns, Revolution fabrics are said to perform to the highest commercial performance levels.

The range is available in a ten-shade selection that contains classic and contemporary tones.

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