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7th August 2018, Collegeville, PA

Silvadur Antimicrobials earns bluesign certification

Silvadur Intelligent Freshness technologies are designed to provide durable and reliable odour protection in textile and apparel products. Dow Microbial Control, a business unit of DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, has announced that its patented antimicrobial technology for textiles and apparel Silvadur Antimicrobials has been certified by the bluesign system.

Managed by the Swiss-based company Bluesign Technologies, the system oversees the global textiles supply chain to ensure that chemicals and other materials used in all steps of textiles and apparel manufacturing processes are safe for consumers, workers and the environment.

The Bluesign system unites members of the entire textiles supply chain – including Dow – to jointly and proactively reduce its global impact. Excellence is ensured through on-site inspections, verifying that chemical products are properly applied in controlled and responsible processes. In joining the network, chemical manufacturer members agree to improve performance in five areas of their production processes: air emissions, consumer safety, occupational health and safety, resource productivity and water emissions.

“Dow is dedicated to helping lead the transition to a sustainable society and planet and setting a higher bar for social and environmental progress,” said Karel Williams, Dow Microbial Control, Textiles Business Segment Director. “Being a bluesign partner is one of many steps we are taking to assure textile and apparel manufacturers and brands – as well as their engaged customers – that products treated with Silvadur do not compromise human health or harm the environment.”

Silvadur Intelligent Freshness technologies are designed to provide durable and reliable odour protection in textile and apparel products at a time when growing numbers of consumers are embracing more hygienic lifestyles.

When odour-causing bacteria land on the surface of treated fabrics, they are neutralised on contact by Silvadur’s intelligent built-in odour protection technology, so treated fabrics stay fresh and clean-smelling longer, the company explains. Testing has shown that Silvadur Antimicrobials have a high degree of efficacy against a wide range of undesirable, odour-causing bacteria in textiles, apparel and other products, are highly durable over 50 washings and their application process is efficient and cost-effective.


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