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Sioen plant wins Factory of the Future Award

The company invests constantly to keep all factories modern and up to date.

3rd February 2017

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Ardooie

Industrial, Medical/Hygiene, Transport/​Aerospace, Construction

Veranneman Technical Textiles, one of the companies of the Sioen Industries group, specialising in technical textiles, has scored the prestigious Factory of the Future Award for future-oriented manufacturing companies today.

"This award is the culminating result of all the innovative efforts that we made in recent years as a company in terms of products, production and people management. This was not possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of our employees," commented Michele Sioen, CEO Sioen Industries group.

Veranneman Technical Textiles produces open structure fabrics (also known as the scrims or mesh) for applications in roof and pool reinforcement, nonwoven filters, drywall, automotive products, stables, façade application and road construction.

Innovation and automation

The company invests constantly to keep all factories modern and up to date. As in all businesses of the Sioen group, the site of Veranneman Technical Textiles is equipped with state-of-the-art machines per production (weaving, knitting, laid scrim), the company explains.

The company’s machines are often fully or partially own engineered. According to the manufacturer, by developing and modifying the machines, it can focus on automation, and work towards increasing efficiency, quality, ergonomics and digitisation.

"These particular production control systems and software are implemented to avoid breakdowns, defects and waste and on the other hand thus making work more workable," said Veranneman.

Sioen Industries

Sioen Industries has an extensive portfolio of products and activities, which include spinning, weaving and coating, manufacturing of garments, production of fine chemicals and processing of technical textiles. Sioen says that vertical and horizontal integration, diversification and permanent growth provide the company with a major technical advantage and better R&D.

The company’s main focuses are on customised products, high end, specialised products, recyclable/recycled products, integrated features, and intelligent textiles.

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