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Eurojersey launches cosmetic textiles range

Leading Italian warp knitter Eurojersey has introduced a new range of ‘intelligent’ cosmetic textiles under its patented Sensitive Fabrics brand.

17th April 2012

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Milan

Sports/​Outdoor, Medical/Hygiene, Clothing/​Footwear


Leading Italian warp knitter Eurojersey has introduced a new range of ‘intelligent’ cosmetic textiles   under its patented Sensitive Fabrics brand.

The Sensitive A-more concept is described as a new textile technology which delivers beauty cream to the wearer. It is said to help the skin by making it firmer and revitalizing it by applying active ingredients both safely and accurately. A-More stands for Act More because, Eurojersey says - “that is exactly what it does.”

“The new products from Sensitive Fabrics showcase the most advanced technology with their effective action and benefits, which has been developed as revolutionary fabrics’ treatments,” the company says.

Sensitive Ultra Light Firming fabric, which includes ‘firming active ingredients’, is said to improve the elasticity and brightness of the skin. Meanwhile, Sensitive Fabrics Bodyware is a treatments program for optimal hygiene and better control of perspiration.

Sensitive Bodyware aims to keep the wearer feeling fresh all day long increasing comfort in all conditions through a silver based solution. According to Eurojersey it inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria helping your clothes to stay fresher, more comfortable and in better condition for much longer.

But Bodyware is not just about odour control. Claims are also made for temperature control properties.

“Moreover an innovative polymer applied to Sensitive Fabrics Bodyware changes properties in response to body’s temperature: at low temperature it captures moisture, keeping you drier and warmer, as temperature increases, it cools you down,” the company adds.

“This unique performance and thermal comfort give an unprecedented sensation of wellbeing.”

Rise of ‘cosmetotextiles’

The past year has seen the launch of a number of so called ‘cosmetotextiles’ products. At ITMA 2011 last September Swiss textile chemicals company Clariant launched Quiospheres¹, a high strength, and high performance effect in cosmetotextiles that claims to generate wellness and well-being to the consumer through state of the art cosmetic microencapsulation that can be applied to any fabric.

Clariant says its high-tech textile technology provides the key to creating the long lasting cosmetic effect of the fabric. Manufacturers and brands have a choice of two effects - Quiospheres Moist, which is said to provide hydrating and moisturizing properties and Quiospheres Slim, which offers firmness and wellness.

In August 2011 a new report entitled Cosmetotextiles: wearable body care² analysed the growing field of cosmetotextiles, which is said to be fast emerging market for both the cosmetics industry and the textile industry.

The report provides information on the development of the industry, the benefits of the products, new methods of application, the market for cosmetotextile products, consumer scepticism and the future opportunities which are presented by this market.

Another report - Profile of Laboratoire Skin'Up: a pioneer in cosmetotextiles³ profiles the French brand Skin'Up which is known for its ground-breaking and innovative role in the field of cosmetotextiles.

The report highlights the products and technologies offered by the company, with specific details about its best selling slimming garments, supported by consumer feedback from trials designed to test the effectiveness of the garments. Also featured is a look at Skin'Up's approach to sales and marketing in order to widen the market for its products.

Taking things one step further into the medical field, Swiss high-tech textiles company Schoeller launched i-Load a new technology at last year’s Techtextil exhibition in Frankfurt which aims to offer improvements in the areas of wellbeing, prevention and therapy in the context of textiles.⁴

i-Load is a textile carrier material which Schoeller says can be individually loaded and regenerated with beneficial and therapeutic substances and is targeted towards medical wellness, workwear and sportswear markets. Additionally, Schoeller says, the release of drugs is also possible with iLoad.

Currently, cosmetotextiles represent a small niche market, but some experts believe the development of new applications will provide new market opportunities for textile and apparel companies.

Further reading

¹ Clariant launches Quiospheres cosmetotextiles effect

² Cosmetotextiles: wearable body care

³ Profile of Laboratoire Skin'Up: a pioneer in cosmetotextiles

⁴ iLoad - Reloadable drug delivery fabric from Schoeller


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