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FibeRio launches new generation high production Forcespinning equipment

The new FX Series offers reliable deployment of polymers in a fine fibre format, with a ten fold increase in output over its previous offer.

18th November 2014

Innovation in Textiles
 |  McAllen, TX

Civil Engineering, Industrial, Medical/Hygiene

Fibreio Technology Corporation has launched a new generation of Forcespinning equipment, specifically designed to meet the production needs of fine fibre media producers and converters.

The company believes the introduction of the Fibre Engine FX Series takes the economics of nanofibre production to the levels never achieved before, with a ten fold increase in output over its previous offer.

The benefits of nanofibres are now said to be commercially viable for a greater variety of nonwovens media applications including air filtration, liquid filtration, apparel, acoustic insulation, energy, packaging and other markets. The new FX Series offers reliable, low cost deployment of a wide range of polymers in a fine fibre format.

Improved performance

The Fibre Engine FX was designed with a modular and expandable architecture and it is therefore configurable for 1.1 meter (FX1100) or 2.2 meter (FX2200) line widths.

With a total output of up to 200 grams per minute and compatible with line speeds of up to 200 metres per minute, the FX can be installed in-line with meltblown or other nonwoven processing equipment for the manufacture of composite or standalone media.

For a media designer, this means extracting maximum benefit from the high performance (nanofibre) layers where it actually matters, whether it’s improved hydrostatic head, air permeability, filtration efficiency, pressure drop, breathability, conductivity, or acoustic and thermal impedance.

Extensive engineering

“The Fibre Engine FX is the culmination of extensive engineering and process development work to match the high performance needs of our diverse customer base and their applications,” said Ellery Buchanan, CEO.

“Our customers depend on us for a complete solutions package, to not only mitigate their risk, but to get their end products to market more quickly.”

Fibreio is the efficiency and performance layer expert offering composite media improvement services, including nanofibre membrane development, pilot production for limited launches and performance layer supply.  The Fibre Engine FX aims to deliver on industry’s need for high output, versatile, yet economic nanofibre production solutions.

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