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Litrax warming technology wins ISPO award

Nanotechnology maker Litrax’ L2 fibre and filament technology has been named in ISPO 2013’s Top 5 Fibres Innovations for fall/winter season 2014/15.

21st February 2013

Innovation in Textiles
 |  Munich

Sports/​Outdoor, Protective, Clothing/​Footwear, Medical/Hygiene

Nanotechnology maker Litrax’ L2 fibre and filament technology has been named in ISPO 2013’s Top 5 Fibres Innovations for fall/winter season 2014/15.

Litrax L2 technology is said to create enhanced and rapid thermal insulation, heat storage and reemission and also enhance blood circulation, which stimulates cellular metabolism with its associated beneficial health effects.

According to Litrax’ website, the company’s L2 Thermo fibre is based on virgin polyester enriched with pyrolized* organic bamboo additives for enhanced and rapid insulation. The fibre seems to have been developed in Germany by the Berlin based specialised polyester fibre producer Märkische Faser in collaboration with Litrax Switzerland.

The technology used both in filaments, fibres and layers, is designed for high performance sportswear, sleepwear, work wear, apparel and underwear. According to Litrax, garments made with L2 Thermo have insulation properties and rapid warming from an increase of +5°C to over +22°Celsius, depending on the percentage of L2 master batches used in virgin materials.

Litrax provides L2 master batches for Polyamide, Polyester and Polypropylene. L2 can also be blended together with other Litrax additives to bring additional features such as moisture management, odour reduction, UV protection and antibacterial function (zinc/silver/organic).

“We are very satisfied with this great entry positioning in the performance markets“, says Felix Stutz, founder of Litrax.

“In the very near future Litrax will revolutionize the performance textile markets by offering custom made additive solutions to virtually any big or small synthetic spinning company. Performance textile producers will soon realize that there is a brand market (with its associated high prices) and a much more fairly priced top-functional generica market, just like the pharma industries. This will enable small players to rapidly enter the functional market with creative solutions made with Litrax, and large players to quickly diversify without overstretching their R&D budgets. “

Litrax, based in Hong Kong under Swiss Management, is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of products using both organic and minerals to create functional raw materials for various industries.

* Pyrolysis is a thermo chemical decomposition of organic material at elevated temperatures without the participation of oxygen.


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